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Fine Orthodontics Before and After
Special Case:  Tooth Exposure treatment 


Patient’s first visit – Stage 1: Adult canine teeth (circled) are headed in the wrong direction (their correct path indicated by arrow).

After the exposure treatment – Stage 2:  Baby teeth have been taken out and exposure treatment has been done – canines have been guided back ‘on course’.

Review – Stage 3: Canines have come in – they are well positioned for straightening with the rest of the teeth

Idealise with braces – Stage 4: Position of all teeth finalised. 


When is exposure treatment recommended?

Sometimes a tooth will not come into the gum on its own, remaining trapped in the gums. In other cases, a tooth can grow significantly off-course. In both these instances your orthodontist can intervene to re-direct the teeth.

What does treatment involve?

A gum specialist (periodontist) will make a small ‘window’ in the gum. Following this, a single brace is usually attached. A chain can also be present. This will assist with later connection of the exposed tooth to an Orthodontic anchorage appliance, or other braced teeth. Finally, a series of appointments will ensure treatment is progressing.

Are there risks?

Like all invasive procedures, exposure surgery carries some risks.  Your periodontist will assess your own individual circumstances and will explain the associated risks so that you are able to make an informed decision regarding whether or not the procedure may be right for you.

On the occasion that the exposed tooth will not respond to treatment, your Orthodontist will devise an alternative plan. However, the risk of this happening is generally small.

What are the benefits?

Correcting teeth before they are significantly off-course leads to faster, easier treatment. In some cases an untreated tooth will (1) fail to come through – or (2) come through so far from its intended position that tooth extraction is the only realistic option.

What appointments are needed?

It is important to set a series of appointments in place so we that can start working on the tooth before the ‘window’ heals back over. These appointments will include:

1. Orthodontic consultation

2. Periodontist consultation

3. Book exposure procedure (we will coordinate our appointments to suit the commencement of the creation of your anchorage appliance (or braces)

4. Exposure

5. Appointment approximately 3 weeks after exposure to check and possibly place appliance

What can I expect?

Patients can generally expect some localised discomfort.  Your gum specialist will provide more information and guidance at your consultation appointment.