Invisalign vs braces, which one is best for you

Clear aligners like Invisalign vs Braces: what are the pros and cons of each and how should you decide?

So, you’ve decided you’d like straight teeth – but which is best – clear aligners (e.g. Invisalign, Suresmile aligners) or the traditional metal braces option? It may well come down to personal preference when considering the pros and cons of aligners like Invisalign vs braces, including how long it takes, lifestyle and age.

Aligners (e.g. Invisalign, Suresmile aligners)



  • Discreet
  • Faster visits – no adjustments required
  • It is easier to travel
  • Smooth and comfortable to wear
  • No ‘food traps’ – much easier to clean your teeth
  • You can take them out – meaning you can eat whatever you like
  • Can be lost or broken
  • You need to remember to wear them





  • Attached to your teeth
  • No need to remember to put back in after eating
  • Can’t be misplaced
  • Parents won’t need to ‘nag’ children to      wear them
  • The metal can feel uncomfortable against the inside of cheeks and lips – usually more the case at the start of the treatment – most people will get use to this feeling
  • Longer appointments to place and remove the braces
  • Longer appointments if adjustments are required
  • Care should be taken while eating certain food types
  • Breakages can occur
  • Teeth cleaning becomes a longer process

Aligners like Invisalign vs braces: which will give me the best result?

Whilst the ‘pros’ list is smaller for braces, these reasons (although fewer) may carry greater weight with some families.  If the patient is a child or teen, and there is a doubt regarding whether or not they will actually wear the aligners- braces can sometimes be the best choice when considering aligners like Invisalign vs braces.

Whether you choose aligners or metal braces, the most important choice is where you have the treatment done. A specialist orthodontist will have the expert training to make recommendations based on all considerations. This will ensure that you get only the best results possible.

Dr Martin Fine has over 25 years of experience as a specialist orthodontist and has had extensive experience with both braces and aligners like Invisalign. An orthodontist will direct the treatment and it’s outcome, no matter the treatment solution.  The vision for your treatment and new smile is realised through an orthodontist’s tools such as aligners or braces.

Each system has a subtly different process, depending on the particular orthodontic problem. Therefore some cases will respond better to aligners like Invisalign; and this is true of braces also.

The good news is that in the hands of a capable and experienced provider – in the great majority of cases – you will be able to choose either aligners or braces and achieve an excellent outcome. Meaning, the orthodontist you choose will allow you to make the choice according to your personal preference.

To find out more about which system is best for you, please contact us for an appointment.

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Always read the label and follow the instructions for use.