Free Orthodontic consultation, find the best teeth straightening solution for you.

In a society increasingly focused on health and appearance, the demand for a glamorous, eye-catching smile is at an all-time high. Although the demand is high – not everyone is willing to commit to treatment unless they understand a little more about what will be involved. As a result, more people than ever a seeking a free orthodontic consultation.

An Orthodontic Consultation: Where Should You Start?

The best place for straightening is always with a specialist orthodontist.  Tooth straightening really shouldn’t just be considered a cosmetic procedure. Getting your bite right might seem boring and unnecessary – you may have gone so long without a perfect bite, and it’s easy to adopt the thought “let’s just straighten the top six up and it’ll be great!”

The problem with this thinking is that your orthodontic results might be a short-lived. Your teeth may be in their current less-than-ideal arrangement because of the way your bite has pushed them.  Unless your underlying problem is corrected, keeping your teeth in their new arrangement might be a challenge.

Another problem arises when ignoring the bite; straightening whilst ignoring the bite could leave you with a worse bite than you started with. Your stunning new smile could become chipped and worn over time.

Involving a specialist orthodontist in your smile makeover is the only way to ensure that the ‘bigger picture’ is looked at.  But does this mean your consultation and treatment will be expensive?  Not necessarily.

Free Invisalign Assessment*

This is an appointment during which we take photos of your teeth and give go through whether your orthodontic problem is suited for correction Invisalign. We will let you know how the costs for your treatment too.

It’s important that you keep this appointment as we are only able to make one free assessment appointment per patient.

(*Terms and conditions: Information to establish if Invisalign is suitable for you. Includes clinical photos but not radiographs. No further appointments made if this appointment is missed).

As well as providing a treatment estimate and explanation, an Invisalign assessment allows you to meet the team.  

Paid Orthodontic Consultations

If you know from the outset that your case is a little more complex, it will be more appropriate for your needs – and a better use of your time – to proceed straight to a doctor consultation.

This is most commonly the case for:

  • growing children
  • those with;
    • complex needs; including missing or replaced teeth
    • other dental health issues
    • jaws significantly out of alignment; e.g. a larger lower jaw, very narrow jaws, a very recessive lower jaw


To learn more, the next step is to contact one of our orthodontic offices.  Once you explain your oral situation, they will be able to find the right sort of appointment for you.  The journey towards your beautiful new smile begins with an online enquiry or phone call – don’t be shy!  We are here to help.