Free Invisalign assessment teeth straightening consultation

Your initial orthodontic consultation is your first step towards achieving the beautiful smile of your dreams. The goal of the free orthodontics consultation is for you to discuss your concerns with your orthodontist and get to know one another better.

By focusing on what you want to achieve, the orthodontist can create the best possible treatment plan for you.


During the free consultation, the orthodontist will use several records to discuss your treatment options, the length of your treatment and any other areas of concern. These records include X-rays, photos and models of your teeth.

Discussing Your Options

Understanding the process required to straighten your teeth, how long orthodontics must be worn, and what retainers you will need will all be discussed during your free orthodontics consultation.

Make sure you ask any questions you have to learn what to expect and how you can best prepare for your chosen orthodontic treatment.

Questions to Ask at the Free Orthodontics Consultation

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Everybody is different when it comes to how long it will take to correct your smile. Your orthodontist will discuss treatment length with you as well as costs. Your orthodontist will also discuss how much pain to expect and how to alleviate any discomfort.

When Will Adjustments Be Made?

Depending on your treatment, adjustments will have to be made regularly to ensure your teeth are moving correctly. Ask how long each appointment will take and how frequently you must visit the office.

Will There Be Changes to Oral Care Habits?

New patients may find it challenging to learn how to brush their teeth with orthodontic appliances. Ask the orthodontist how to care for your teeth to ensure food particles are always removed.

What Foods to Avoid?

Some foods are difficult to consume, depending on the type of treatment you receive. Use the consultation to discuss foods that you should avoid during treatment.

Book Your Assessment

Fine Orthodontics offers two types of assessments:

  • Free Invisalign assessment
  • Specialist orthodontic consultation

During the free orthodontics consultation, we take photos of your teeth and smile and discuss your orthodontic goals. We can then create a personalised treatment plan and discuss how long treatment will take and what it will cost.

Ready for your dream smile? Book your free orthodontics consultation at Fine Orthodontics today!