Suresmile braces are a faster orthodontic treatment that allows for better accuracy than that of traditional braces

Perhaps your orthodontist has said you may benefit from braces.  While you’re excited about an improved smile, you’re nervous about wearing brackets and wires. Here’s some good news: there is an orthodontic system that makes straightening your teeth with braces easier and faster compared to traditional metal braces. This system is quickly changing the way patients feel about their orthodontic treatment. Digital braces are a fast teeth straightening solution, with higher precision in movement.

What Are Digital Braces?

These modern braces use digital technology to provide you with a completely bespoke treatment right from the start. Before your braces are fitted, the system’s advanced software allows your orthodontist to design how your smile should look at the end of treatment.

So, just how do these braces differ from traditional braces?

Shorter Treatment Times

Friends and family may have told you that braces are a long-term commitment. That’s true of traditional braces, but not so for digital braces.

Thanks to the system’s 3D imaging, treatment planning, and your customised braces, your treatment time is significantly reduced.


Fewer Visits to the Orthodontist

The increased efficiency of digital braces means you won’t have to visit the orthodontic office as often. In fact, the system’s 3D software allows your orthodontist to analyse how to align your teeth. Personalised archwires are designed to realign your teeth directly and smoothly, which means fewer maintenance visits than if you had traditional braces.

Even More Benefits

The digital system allows for customization of the position of the braces and the bends in the wires for each patient. This allows for complete accuracy.

Benefits of digital braces over traditional braces include:

  • Reduced treatment time
  • Precisely calculated teeth movement
  • More comfortable – evenly distributed gentle forces
  • Accurate placement of brackets – positioned by jigs rather than free-hand

Are Digital Braces For You?

Digital braces offer several excellent benefits over traditional braces that are worth considering. To find out more, talk to a specialist orthodontist at  Fine Orthodontics today.