accelerated orthodontics work get your orthodontic treatment such as braces finished faster

Understandably, many orthodontic patients are very keen to ensure that their treatment is as fast as possible.  You may have a specific event in mind – such as a wedding or formal.  Many patients simply want to reduce the time they spend in appliances.  With specific treatment options you can get your new smile quickly and easily.

Wilckodontics Procedure for Accelerated Orthodontics

Your underlying bone which allows your teeth to move will limit the speed of your treatment, no matter how well your orthodontist designs your solution. 

If you want to ensure that your treatment time is as fast as possible, you may want to consider a Wilckodontics procedure.  Wilckodontics is a procedure done by a gum specialist who will work closely with your orthodontist.  The procedure dramatically speeds up the underlying biological process that allows your teeth to move.  

Please be aware however, that this treatment option involves a surgical procedure and may not be suitable for all orthodontic patients.  Like all invasive procedures, this surgery is associated with certain risks.  You will discuss these with your orthodontist and/or gum specialist (periodontist) before going ahead with any treatment.

Should it be a good option for you, Wilkodontics will promote tooth movement, meaning that your chosen treatment method such as braces or clear aligners like Invisalign will take less time to straighten teeth.

What are Fast Braces?

In addition to the Wilckodontics procedure, quality upfront treatment planning will speed up your treatment time.  Many orthodontic supply companies promise that their brand of braces is the fastest.   The truth is however, that a lot of this is marketing; the actual braces are really just ‘handles’ to allow your orthodontist to grip your teeth.

Your orthodontist can plan and deliver real acceleration with precision at the beginning of treatment planning.  If your orthodontist does all your treatment planning upfront, it will ensure that that the route from start to finish will be as direct as possible.  Almost any brand of braces will allow for precision treatment planning, including clear aligners like Invisalign.

Your orthodontist can make use of tools such as digitally customised braces to ensure that your braces are placed precisely.  New technology is also available which allows your braces wires to be pre-bent via robot rather than by hand.

Precision Treatment Planning for Accelerated Orthodontics

Your orthodontist can accelerate your treatment plan via digital customisation.  Rather than putting on your braces and making adjustments at each visit, your orthodontist can digitally scan your teeth at the start of your treatment. A computer simulation will then test the treatment plan and its overall results.  The orthodontist uses his or her skills, experience and knowledge in combination with computer technology to ensure your teeth will head quickly and smoothly into the right positions.

accelerated orthodontics work to create a fast teeth straightening solution

Accelerated orthodontics work to speed up your treatment time.

Digital Progress Monitoring for Accelerated Orthodontics

Another way we ensure your teeth are moving as quickly as possible is by ‘adjusting’ your teeth to the next stage as soon as possible.  Traditional appointment intervals involve a degree of guesswork. Therefore, your orthodontist will suggest you return in a certain timeframe (e.g. 6 weeks) allowing enough time for the last change to have taken effect. Similarly, patients using clear aligners like Invisalign will change their aligners every 1-2 weeks.

The problem with traditional appointment intervals is that your teeth may move faster than anticipated.  If your teeth respond quickly, it is probable that you’ll end up spending at least some of your treatment time in ‘passive’ appliances which are no longer-exerting an ideal amount of pressure on your teeth. However, there is a solution: digital progress monitoring.

With digital progress monitoring, you can scan your teeth at regular intervals.  Your scanning app will provide feedback which will inform you (and your orthodontist) if you appliance is no longer actively moving your teeth.  You can use these feedback to schedule adjustments – or to alert you to move to your next aligner if you are wearing clear aligners, such as Invisalign.

You can also monitor your progress at home via our smartphone app.

Accelerated Orthodontics Work to Deliver Benefits Faster

Accelerated orthodontics work to ensure that your new smile will be delivered as fast as possible.  Allowing you to enjoy benefits including fewer appointments and improved outcomes.

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