Lingual braces work the same way as traditional braces. But rather than being in front of your teeth, lingual braces are placed behind your teeth, making them discreet. That means other people won’t even know you’re having orthodontic treatment.

With these braces, you can expect to feel the same as you would with regular braces. That means you will still need some time to adjust your speech and you may have to deal with food getting trapped between the braces. But the adjustment time is usually rather quick and in no time at all, you’ll be on your way to a straighter and healthier smile.

Getting Your Lingual Braces

On your first visit to the orthodontist, your teeth will be examined. We’ll discuss your orthodontic needs and how long it will take to realign your smile. We’ll also take moulds of your teeth.

The moulds are sent off to a lab where your custom lingual braces are designed and made.

On your next visit, we’ll apply dental cement to the back of your teeth and fit your custom braces. Finally, we will insert a metal arch wire into the braces. The wire is designed to place pressure on your teeth, gently forcing them into a straighter position. While this can be a little uncomfortable at first, you will soon get used to the sensation.

How Long It Takes to Get Braces

Having your lingual braces put on takes about the same amount of time as traditional metal braces. Since your lingual braces are customised specifically for your mouth, the treatment itself is usually faster, too.

For most people, it takes between one and two hours to get braces put on. Once your braces are on, you will need to visit the orthodontist for check-ups at frequent intervals.

If you’re looking for a way to achieve a straighter, more confident smile, lingual braces might just be the answer!

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