Clear Correct vs. Invisalign: what is the best teeth straightening solution for you

Are crooked teeth knocking your confidence? Does the idea of traditional metal braces put you off straightening your teeth? Today, more people are considering clear aligners, and some of the best known are Invisalign and Clear Correct.  Clear aligners offer a more discreet straightening treatment than braces. Since Invisalign was first introduced to the market in the 1990s, it’s paved the way for other brands like Clear Correct that offer a similar treatment.

But, which is the right treatment for you?

Clear Correct vs. Invisalign

Both Invisalign and Clear Correct offer a number of benefits. They both can fix overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, gaps and rotated or crooked teeth.

When you visit us for a consultation, we will assess your situation and make a recommendation based on your unique needs.

Both Invisalign and Clear Correct are virtually invisible. Made of clear plastic, the aligners can be removed and cleaned and are custom fit to your teeth. Both aligners must be worn all day, other than when you eat or brush and floss. Both adjust your teeth in small increments.

Woman choosing clear correct or Invisalign aligners for teeth straightening solution

Clear Correct vs. Invisalign – which should you choose?

The Treatment

Both Invisalign and Clear Correct provide you with a series of clear aligners.

At the end of the day the most important consideration is the Clear Correct or Invisalign provider you select to manage your orthodontics.  This is likely to have a huge impact on your overall result.  A good analogy to consider is a hairdresser using a particular brand of dye to colour your hair.  The dye itself a tool.  The tool is important to get the necessary result, however it is the skill, knowledge and experience of your hairdresser that will be the most important deciding factor in getting you an amazing result.  The same is true of dental professionals and aligner systems.

Choosing a specialist Orthodontist with plenty of knowledge and experience in cases similar to yours – and experience in using clear aligner systems such as Clear correct or Invisalign will ensure that you get the best result possible.

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Always read the label and follow the instructions for use.