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The teenage years are a pivotal time. Switching between schools and then heading off to college, playing sports and making new friends is all part of growing up. Invisalign could be the alternative to metal braces when social cred really counts! One aspect of those formative years that isn’t necessary, is the apprehension that comes with having to wear braces.  Some teens see braces as a right of passage, others may not.  While teenagers may not realise how important early intervention is for oral health, they will know that braces are noticeable, and could make them stand out. With Invisalign braces, teens can receive the orthodontic treatment they need, while remaining discrete.

What Is Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign braces use custom-made series of aligners made of a smooth, clear and hardly noticeable plastic. You wear them over your teeth and they apply pressure to gradually shift your teeth into a new desired position. You’ll move onto the next set of aligners roughly every two weeks until your straight smile is achieved.

Why Teens Love Invisalign


Metal brackets and plastic wires can be uncomfortable at first. Invisalign aligners are made of a smooth plastic that generally don’t irritate teeth and gums. Each aligner is specially made for you and your tooth movement. They gently apply a constant pressure to guide your teeth into position.


Since the aligners are made of clear plastic, they’re almost invisible. The teen years can be tough and adding the anxiety of metal braces can be  taxing on a teen’s self-consciousness. With Invisalign, teens can get a stunning smile while their friends barely notice the treatment.

No Limits

If your teen plays a sport, or a musical instrument, they won’t need to give it up. Invisalign braces fit over the teeth comfortably and smoothly, letting them carry on with all their favourite activities.

Brush and Floss Like Normal

When you have metal braces, it can be harder to maintain your oral hygiene. Just flossing beneath the wires can be difficult and food has a higher chance of sticking in the brackets, with the potential of some embarrassing moments! Cleaning is a breeze during aligner treatment. You can take them out to brush and floss like normal.

Eat Your Favourite Foods

Aligners can be removed before you eat and drink, so you don’t need to change your diet. While your mates with regular metal braces have to avoid sticky, chewy, crunchy and hard stuff, you can eat anything you like!

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