Is there a payment plan for braces

The short answer is yes, there are payment plans for braces.

When you choose to correct your smile with braces, you are investing in a lifetime of beautiful, healthy and functional smiles. While braces may require a degree of financial planning for most patients, there are a number of ways to make the treatment work for you and your family. Most orthodontists, including Fine Orthodontics, offer flexible payment plans, which make braces accessible to more patients. Payment plans allow you to choose the best option for your circumstances and pay for treatment over time. The following are the three most popular options to lower the cost of braces:

1. Payment Plans for Braces: In-Office Financing

Some orthodontists, including Dr Martin Fine at Fine Orthodontics, have started offering in-office financing as a way to help their patients get the treatments they need, such as braces. You should speak with your orthodontist or the appropriate member of their team to discuss the details of this financing option if it is available, but most often it is a monthly payment.  Payments are spread out for your convenience and not necessarily linked to where you are up to in your treatment.

2. Third Party Financing

If you need more time to pay for your braces, look into third party financing. Going through a third party often allows you to have a longer amount of time and lower monthly payments than other payment plans. However, some additional fees and interest are likely to increase the overall cost of your treatment.  Third party payment plans for braces can help alleviate some of the immediate financial burden when you or a member of your family needs braces. If you choose this option, just be sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions and ask questions if anything is unclear.

3. Payment in Full

Although this can’t be classed as payment plans for braces, if you are looking to cut the cost of braces and save yourself a little bit of money, look into the option to pay in full. Payment in full is a one-time payment that can save you some of the cost of your braces, depending on the office. If you have the financial ability to make a larger lump sum for your braces, this could be the option for you.

How to Make Braces More Affordable

When it comes to paying for braces, talk to your orthodontist to discover your options and choose the one that is right for you, and don’t be afraid to have a conversation about how you can make braces more affordable as well. Dental Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts and other options exist that may be able to help pay for braces when they’re needed.

Contact the team at Fine Orthodontics to discuss payment plans for braces, or any other treatment.