When you first get braces, or even the first couple of times you have your wires adjusted, your mouth may feel a little tender and sore. Soft foods that are easy to chew are your best options during these days. While these foods can help to keep the pain and inflammation to a minimum, they can also protect the brackets and keep your teeth on track to a straight and beautiful smile.

Eating the wrong foods, like those that are too chewy or too hard, can bend and break the braces, so you need to know what to eat and how to prepare the food. Here are just some of the soft foods you can experiment with to keep your tummy full and your teeth from doing too much chewing.

  • Mashed potatoes – mashed up boiled potatoes with sour cream, butter, salt, and pepper. You could even add boiled and mashed up carrots, parsnips or cauliflower for additional flavor.
  • Pizza soup – if you crave pizza, make a tomato and basil soup and blend thoroughly.
  • Applesauce – you can add some fun to canned applesauce with a little cinnamon or even make your own for a filling treat.
  • Smoothies – there are plenty of smoothie recipes out there and they are a great option for getting all your nutrients in liquid form.
  • Yoghurt – yoghurt is smooth, creamy, and delicious. You can buy some or even make your own.
  • Baby food – a jar of pureed peaches is delicious, no matter what age you are.
  • Popsicles – refreshing popsicles can help to numb sore gums. You can puree fruit and pour it into molds before sticking it in the freezer for a couple of hours.
  • Scrambled eggs – scrambled eggs are packed full of protein to satisfy your appetite.
  • Roasted squash – winter squashes like banana squash, butternut, and acorn taste amazing when roasted and mashed. You can mix with salt, pepper, and butter.
  • Bone broth – if you’re sick of sweet foods, make a mug of meaty bone broth to hit the spot.

You will find that your braces will become much easier as you become accustomed to them.  Once you are feeling more comfortable it is important to still avoid very hard or very sticky foods in order to avoid damaging the braces. Should you have any questions get in touch with your orthodontic office for personalised advice.