fast orthodontics for less time in braces

Wouldn’t it be great if you could straighten your teeth quickly? Thanks to fast orthodontics, you can. Fast orthodontics, also called accelerated orthodontics, is an orthodontic treatment that can achieve the same goals as traditional orthodontics in less time. The American Association of Orthodontics reports that one in five adults are orthodontic patients. We know that you don’t want years in cumbersome traditional metal braces.  It may be time to consider accelerated orthodontics.

What Exactly Is Fast Orthodontics?

Fast orthodontics involves the combination of a minor surgical procedure and either fitted braces or clear aligners. The aim of the surgery is to cut down on the time it takes the braces to straighten your teeth.  This is often done in combination with other aims such as increasing support.  More on that in a moment.

It is important to note before getting too far ahead of ourselves that this option does involve a surgical procedure.  Like all invasive procedures, this surgery is associated with certain risks.  This (and your personal suitability) will need to be discussed with your specialist orthodontist and/or periodontist (gum specialist) prior to going ahead with treatment.

How This Treatment Differs from Traditional Orthodontic Treatment

You probably associate traditional metal braces with silver wires and brackets and a mouth full of coloured elastics, and you’re right. Accelerated orthodontics, however, keeps cosmetics in mind.

In many cases you can opt for aligners such as Invisalign.  If you need – or would prefer -traditional braces, there is an option for clear brackets (at least for the upper teeth). Clear brackets are used to make your braces as subtle as possible. That means the hardware is a lot less noticeable to other people compared to metal braces. The braces are also a little less reflective.

Are You Eligible for Fast Orthodontics?

If you have a healthy bone structure, you may be a candidate for accelerated orthodontics.  In fact, many patients will end up with more support for their teeth following the procedure.  In addition to acceleration, improving support for soft-tissue is the most common reason patients go ahead with fast orthodontics.

When you meet with us, we can evaluate your individual case to determine whether or not you’re eligible for treatment. We’ll assess your facial and oral functions and take photographs of your mouth and face. If necessary, we may also photographic scans and x-rays to determine your bite and even prepare 3D models for your teeth.

The Benefits of Accelerated Treatment

When your orthodontist employs fast orthodontic techniques, just about any type of braces can be used. In many cases clear aligners, rather than metal braces, can be considered. Best of all, there is a far shorter time needed to correct the alignment of your teeth compared to traditional braces.  Accelerated Orthodontics is not suitable for all patients – the best way to find out more is to arrange a consultation with a specialist orthodontist.

For adult orthodontic treatment, fast orthodontics is an attractive solution for a straighter smile, more soft-tissue support and a dramatic boost in self-confidence.

To find out if fast orthodontics is possible for you, book a consultation at Fine Orthodontics today.