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Book an assessment

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(we offer 2 types)

1) Invisalign Assessment (no obligation and no cost)*

• We will photograph your teeth and smile.

• Our Treatment Coordinator will sit down together with you to discuss your orthodontic desires and expectations. She will explain how Invisalign could work for you and highlight potential issues that could arise once our specialist has reviewed your records.

• We'll let you know how long treatment will take and give you a detailed quote.

• You'll also have an opportunity to meet our team and find out more about the orthodontic treatments we offer.

• We recommend you fill out a patient information form before your visit and bring in your X-Rays you may have to speed up the process.

• If you feel that you may have a complex problem, it may be more time-efficient to book in for the Orthodontist Consultation instead.

2) Specialist Orthodontist Consultation

• Have a specialist look at the current positioning of your or your child's teeth, examine the x-rays and assess whether or not treatment is needed.

• We will assist you with developing a comprehensive plan (if needed).

• We’ll be able to identify any potential issues that could arise in the future.

• You don’t need a referral – just book your appointment and we’ll do the rest!

• To speed up the process, we recommend you complete a new patient information form.

• We look forward to meeting you - we're sure you will enjoy the time in the No Frown Zone!