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Fine Orthodontics:
Serving the Maroubra Community

Welcome to Fine Orthodontics, where our commitment to exceptional patient care and superior orthodontic solutions perfectly align with the vibrant and active community of Maroubra.


Our state-of-the-art clinic, located in the heart of Maroubra, is your one-stop destination for world-class orthodontic care.

Fine Orthodontics treatments


Meet Dr. Martin Fine and the Team

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Martin Fine, our team of skilled orthodontic professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch orthodontic services. Dr. Fine, with his decades of experience and passion for patient-focused care, has assembled a team that shares his commitment to clinical excellence. Each member of our team strives to provide personalised care, ensuring you feel comfortable and well-informed during your orthodontic journey.

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Where to Find Us in Maroubra

Our Maroubra clinic is conveniently situated, offering easy access to patients from all corners of the suburb and beyond. You can find us at:

Fine Orthodontics Maroubra

1/633 Anzac Parade,

Maroubra NSW 2035

Our location on Anzac Parade places us within close proximity to local schools and tertiary institutions, shopping centres, and public transport, making us a convenient choice for families, students, busy professionals, and individuals alike. We look forward to welcoming you to our Maroubra clinic and offering you the best in orthodontic care.

Delving into Maroubra:
Beachside Bliss and Urban Comfort

Maroubra, one of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, offers the perfect blend of coastal charm and urban comfort.


Nestled 10 kilometres southeast of the Sydney Central Business District, Maroubra's ambiance oscillates beautifully between its breathtaking coastal expanses and its bustling urban landscape.

Maroubra: A Snapshot of History and Culture

Known for its sprawling coastline, Maroubra takes its name from an Aboriginal word meaning "like thunder" – a fitting title that reflects the powerful surf conditions of Maroubra Beach. The suburb is steeped in rich cultural and historical significance, with its Indigenous roots and later European settlement shaping its unique identity.


While Maroubra today is a thriving urban hub, it continues to honour its rich history. The suburb features an interesting mix of architectural styles, from charming Federation homes to modern apartments, reflecting its gradual evolution over time.


The cultural diversity in Maroubra is another of its standout features. Over the years, it has welcomed waves of migration, resulting in a multicultural community that contributes to the suburb's vibrant atmosphere.


Situated within this lively and diverse suburb, Fine Orthodontics is proud to be part of the Maroubra community. We look forward to being a part of your Maroubra journey, providing excellent orthodontic care right in the heart of this vibrant suburb.

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Introduction to Fine Orthodontics in Maroubra

Situated in the scenic beachside suburb of Maroubra, Fine Orthodontics stands as a testament to superior orthodontic care in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Martin Fine and our team of skilled professionals, our Maroubra clinic combines advanced orthodontic solutions with a warm, friendly environment, making every visit an enjoyable experience.

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Our Location: Anchored in the Vibrant Heart of Maroubra

The Fine Orthodontics clinic enjoys a strategic location in Maroubra, positioned for easy accessibility for our patients. Nestled amidst the buzz of this coastal suburb, we are located at 1/633 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035.

Whether you're a local or visiting from other parts of Sydney, reaching our clinic is convenient. With well-connected roadways and public transport links, getting to Fine Orthodontics Maroubra is seamless. 


Being located just a little further down the road from the main shopping area, our Maroubra practice boasts plentiful street parking, along with our own car parking area accessible via a quiet backstreet and rear lane. Visitors are often pleasantly surprised by how accessible our Maroubra practice is, a rare oasis of calm in an otherwise busy city.

Ease of Access

Landmarks Near Fine Orthodontics Maroubra

Our Maroubra clinic is surrounded by landmarks and locales that mirror the lively spirit of the suburb:

Pacific Square Shopping Centre: Just a short distance away, Pacific Square is a hub of retail stores, eateries, and essential services that cater to your needs before or after your orthodontic appointment.

Heffron Park: Known for its expansive green space, Heffron Park is another significant landmark close to our clinic. The park's sports facilities, cycling track, and serene ambiance make it an ideal spot for relaxation.

Westfield Eastgardens: While not in Maroubra itself, Eastgardens Westfield is a major shopping mall located a four minute drive to the west. Eastgardens Westfield offers major retailers such as Myer and JB Hi-Fi, smaller boutiques, and a Hoyts cinema.

Fine Orthodontics Maroubra is situated at 1/633 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035. Our friendly staff are ready to welcome you to your journey towards a healthier, brighter smile.

A limited number of FREE Orthodontic Assessments* ($195 value) are still available


Maroubra: Riding the Waves in Sydney's Surfing Suburb

Maroubra, a key suburb of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, stands proudly as a favourite surfing destination. At its heart is the beautiful Maroubra Beach, offering:


  • Recognition as a National Surfing Reserve, providing consistent waves suitable for all skill levels.

  • An idyllic setting for both local and international surf enthusiasts.

  • A vibrant local community with a love for the surf and sand.

Catch the Surf at Maroubra Beach

In Maroubra, surfing forms an integral part of the local culture. This is evident in:


  • The existence of the renowned 'Bra Boys', a famous surfing tribe in Australia, that calls Maroubra home.

  • Surfing events and festivals that punctuate the local calendar, contributing to the vibrant surf culture.

Maroubra’s Surf Culture: More Than Just a Sport

Living an active, outdoor-focused lifestyle in Maroubra necessitates excellent oral and orthodontic health. Here's why:


  • In active pursuits, injuries can occur. Like many other Sydney suburbs, Maroubra has an outdoor lifestyle, focused around sports, beaches, and backyard swimming pools. Slips and collisions can cause trauma, however well-aligned teeth are less prone to injury than those that ‘stick out’.


  • A healthy, confident smile can boost self-esteem, enriching every aspect of life in Maroubra, from surfing to socialising.

Orthodontic Health and Active Lifestyles

Our Fine Orthodontics clinic, conveniently located at 1/633 Anzac Parade, Maroubra, underscores the importance of orthodontic health in such an active community.


Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch orthodontic care, ensuring your smile remains as bright and lively as Maroubra itself.

Maroubra By Postal Code: Your Guide to 2035

Maroubra, one of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, is bound by the postal code 2035. It's a sizable area, offering a diverse range of residential, commercial, and natural spaces that cater to every lifestyle.

Understanding Maroubra's Postal Areas

The entirety of Maroubra falls under postal code 2035, encompassing the beachfront, commercial zones, and residential streets. It includes Malabar in the south, and encompasses Pagewood in the west.

Navigating the 2035 Boundary

From the bustling Anzac Parade to the serene beachfronts, the 2035 boundary includes key Maroubra landmarks. Notably, Fine Orthodontics' Maroubra clinic is situated at 1/633 Anzac Parade, conveniently located within this postal boundary.


The Allure of Maroubra: A Vibrant Coastal Suburb

Maroubra, known for its stunning coastline and active lifestyle, is a locale that manages to blend the tranquillity of beach life with the conveniences of urban living. Here are some key attractions that encapsulate the spirit of Maroubra.


Maroubra Beach: Famous among surfers for its fantastic waves, Maroubra Beach is the heart of the suburb. Apart from its popularity among the surfing community, the beach is also perfect for a relaxing day out, complete with a picnic area and children's playground.


Mahon Pool: This ocean pool, located north of Maroubra Beach, offers a unique swimming experience. It's a must-visit for those seeking a refreshing dip with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

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Heffron Park: As Maroubra's most extensive recreational area, Heffron Park is a hub for sports enthusiasts. It offers facilities for cycling, football, netball, rugby league, and even has a gymnastics centre.


Local Businesses and Eateries: Maroubra has a thriving local business scene. The Pacific Square Shopping Centre on Anzac Parade, for instance, offers a diverse array of retail and dining options. Independent cafés and eateries scattered across Maroubra offer a taste of various global cuisines, promising something for everyone.


Fine Orthodontics is proud to be a part of the Maroubra community, offering residents access to top-notch orthodontic care right at their doorstep.

Reaching Maroubra: Getting Around with Ease

Whether you're travelling from other parts of Sydney or navigating within Maroubra, the suburb offers multiple transport options to ensure you can move around conveniently.

Public Transit: Maroubra is well-serviced by Sydney's public transport network. Buses are the primary mode of public transportation here, with frequent services connecting Maroubra to the Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction, and other Eastern Suburbs. The 400 bus line runs through Maroubra, providing a direct link to Sydney Airport.

Driving: If you prefer driving, Maroubra is easily accessible via major thoroughfares, including Anzac Parade and Fitzgerald Avenue. The roads are well-maintained, ensuring a smooth journey to and within the suburb.

Parking Options: One of the advantages of visiting Fine Orthodontics' Maroubra clinic is the ease of parking. Ample street parking is available in quiet suburban streets behind the practice, in addition to our own car park accessible via a rear lane.

A limited number of FREE Orthodontic Assessments* ($195 value) are still available

Living the Maroubra Way: A Vibrant Community Life

The Maroubra lifestyle is one marked by a harmonious blend of coastal charm and urban conveniences, making it an ideal place to live, work, and play.


  • Beach Activities: Living in Maroubra often means having the beach as your backyard. Whether it's surfing at Maroubra Beach, swimming at Mahon Pool, or simply enjoying a seaside picnic, beach activities are an integral part of the Maroubra lifestyle.

  • Dining and Shopping: Maroubra offers a diverse range of dining options, from cosy cafes to international cuisine restaurants. Pacific Square Shopping Centre offers local convenience, a one-stop destination for retail, groceries, and more. Shopping enthusiasts seeking a larger mall need look no further than Westfield, located in nearby  Eastgardens.

  • Community Events: Maroubra hosts various community events throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of community. Whether it's the weekly farmers' market, the annual beachside carnival, or community sporting events at Heffron Park, there's always something happening in Maroubra.


Being a part of the Maroubra community, Fine Orthodontics is committed to contributing to this vibrant suburb while providing residents with exceptional orthodontic care.

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Conclusion: Fine Orthodontics - Proud Part of Maroubra

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Being a part of the Maroubra community is a source of pride for the Fine Orthodontics team. Our commitment to providing exceptional orthodontic care to our patients is matched only by our love for this vibrant suburb. Our location at 1/633 Anzac Parade sits at the heart of Maroubra, easily accessible and surrounded by the suburb's many offerings.


We believe that every visit to our clinic is not just an appointment, but an opportunity for our patients to explore and experience Maroubra. Whether it's a quick swim at Maroubra Beach, a shopping trip to Pacific Square, or a pleasant walk in Heffron Park, there's always something to do here.


At Fine Orthodontics, we extend beyond providing orthodontic care—we aim to enrich your experience of Maroubra. We invite you to embrace the diverse lifestyle this suburb offers while addressing your orthodontic needs with us. Welcome to Maroubra; welcome to Fine Orthodontics.

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