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Why choose us

Fine Orthodontics has two practices, one based at Bondi Junction and one in Maroubra. Both are easily accessible by car and public transport, and have our specialist orthodontist ready to discuss your treatment options. 

Flexible payment plans

At Fine Orthodontics, orthodontic treatment has never been more affordable. We offer more flexible payment plans than ever before which means you can find a payment plan to suit your budget. Our new payment plan facility allows you to spread your payments across the duration of your treatment. It’s part of our commitment to ensuring we provide our patients with the most affordable treatment available. If you would like to find out more about our flexible payment plans, give our friendly team a call today, or ask our treatment coordinator at your Consultation or Free* Invisalign Assessment.

X-ray scanner


We use the latest technology to help us deliver a customised treatment plan for each of our patients.

Your 3D x-ray data is viewed with specialist software, which allows assessment of your teeth and jaws from all angles.

We also use an on-site 3D optical scanner. From this we plan and create your digitally customised braces or aligners like Invisalign.

Our comfortable scanning process means that there are no cold, goopy impressions to be endured, only enhanced precision for orthodontic excellence.What's more, digital treatment planning software means we can customise your appliance for a comfortable fit and an enjoyable treatment experience.

Once you’re in the surgery, you will notice a computer next to the chair. This allows us to show you any charts, photographs or other information you might need to see during your visit. 

If you need to brush your teeth before your appointment, we’ve got a dedicated brushing station where you can do just that!

Lythos scanner


We all know that in today’s world, technology rules. However, technology alone is not enough to create your ideal smile; you also need an orthodontist who truly understands the science behind your treatment.

Martin Fine has spent years researching the technology and current developments in the orthodontic field. His commitment to technology has enabled Fine Orthodontics to create a fun, high-tech environment for both staff and patients.

We are proud of our technology and knowledge, and we know it will create an amazing and more comfortable orthodontic experience with better outcomes for you and your family.

Benefits of advanced technology

How you’ll benefit:

  • We have replaced messy moulds with 3D scanning technology – a special camera wand takes the necessary images in seconds. Our unique scanning system is faster than anywhere else, which further improves your comfort.
  • Our digitally customised braces treatment technology allows us to visualise your outcome before treatment is started, so any discrepancies can be identified ahead of time.
  • We have remote monitoring available for convenience and treatment efficiency - your teeth can be adjusted as soon as they are ready - rather than being limited by a pre-determined adjustment schedule based on averages.

Ultimately, you are able to choose from some of the most advanced orthodontic treatment options at Fine Orthodontics in Bondi Junction or Maroubra. If we determine that you require orthodontic treatment, we have a range digitally enhanced teeth-straightening technologies which we’ll consider for your treatment; including Damon Clear braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen, FineAlign, Insignia and SureSmile.