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Digitally customised braces

Digitally Customised Braces offer fully customisable braces designed to fit and move every tooth. Using advanced computerised technology, Digitally Customised Braces will also take into account your unique facial soft tissue and bone shape. 

Digital treatment planning, means that your teeth will be moved directly into the right position, making your treatment shorter than it would be with traditional braces.

Clear braces


Our extensive market research into braces technology brings amazing tiny rhodium-coated self-ligating braces that blend in well with your teeth, making them far less noticeable. They are extremely precise for a predictable response in your treatment, which is a factor helping to reduce your treatment time.

These braces are 'self-ligating', meaning they use clean, comfortable metal clips to hold the wire in place (as opposed to other braces systems which use elastic ties).

Self-ligating braces also generate less friction, which can help reposition your teeth more easily than standard braces.


With all the benefits of metal braces (above), clear braces have the added benefit of being more discrete, with improved aesthetics.


Accelerated braces

We take advantage of Digital techniques to customise your braces. Our computer software is tightly integrated with the braces we use, the 3d X-Ray systems (CBCT) and Trios our 3d scanners.

  • Your treatment plan is designed and tested by our specialist orthodontist, Dr Fine in a 3D virtual model before you start!
  • Robots now make your arch-wires. Far more precise than hand-made wires.

Digita vs. Conventional Orthodontics:

  • All components are precisely machine-made
  • Wires are robotically made to your 3D virtual models
  • Your teeth move more directly to their target positions
  • Simultaneous movements of teeth - helps you reach your target sooner

Accelerated braces

Accelerated braces

We pleased to be able to provide Wilckodontics as a treatment option. Research has revealed that this technology leads to a positive outcome in a much shorter timeframe than conventional braces treatment.

Our specialist orthodontist, Dr. Martin Fine will work with Dr. Kevin Todes, an experienced periodontist, to put together your customised treatment plan. You will benefit from shorter treatment and improved hard and soft tissue support for your teeth. This can also reduce the need for permanent extractions.

The Wilckodontics process involves a minor surgical procedure which will allow your teeth to move at three to four times the normal rate.

(Please Note: This treatment may or may not be suitable for you as each patient has unique individual circumstances. These need to be discussed with the orthodontist and/or periodontist. Risks do apply as surgery is needed).

Jaw surgery


Severe jaw problems may need to be treated through a combination of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery. Surgery may be needed to realign the jaws, enhance your facial aesthetics and to correct a poor bite.

Your orthodontist, Dr. Fine will work with experienced surgeons to make sure the outcome of your treatment is as effective as possible.

(Please note: This treatment may or may not be suitable for you as each patient has unique individual circumstances. These need to be discussed with the orthodontist and surgeon. Risks do apply as surgery is needed).