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Clear Aligners Cost


Clear aligner treatment is a revolutionary orthodontic solution that allows patients to straighten their teeth discreetly and comfortably without the use of fixed brackets and wires. Using a series of custom-made, removable aligners, clear aligner treatment gradually shifts teeth into more ideal positions.


In most cases, small attachments are required to be placed on several teeth. These attachments help the aligners to grip teeth, allowing precise movements to be carried out. In most instances these attachments will be translucent, and are much smaller than traditional braces attachments. Clear aligner treatment offers a convenient and nearly invisible alternative to traditional braces, making it an increasingly popular choice for those seeking orthodontic treatment.


With the growing desire for aesthetic orthodontic options, clear aligners have gained immense popularity among patients of all ages. Their discreet appearance, removability, and the reduced need for office visits make them a highly sought-after treatment option for those who value convenience and discretion in their orthodontic journey.

Types of Clear Aligners

There are several systems of aligners available for use by dental professionals. At Fine Orthodontics, we offer a range of options to suit your needs. 

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Your Clinician is Crucial

Before looking too closely at different aligner systems, it is important to recognise that it is the dental professional using the aligner system that is the biggest predictor of your treatment outcome. Orthodontics is an art as well as a science, and treatment should be carefully planned to ensure that your outcome is excellent. 


Understandably, patients often focus on the systems themselves, however aligners are merely a tool used by your dental professional. To understand this distinction, it can be helpful to draw a parallel between orthodontic planning and architectural design. Consider the scenario where an amateur draftsperson and a qualified, experienced professional are tasked with designing a building. Despite having access to the same design software, it is expected that their end results would differ significantly.

To ensure that your outcome is optimised, Orthodontists need to consider and balance many factors simultaneously. It is a combination of knowledge, skills and experience that allows an orthodontist to design a bite and smile that will best suit you. The most qualified person to do this is a specialist orthodontist with extensive experience. 


Dr Fine focuses on your unique needs and recommends options accordingly, rather than limiting patient options to one particular treatment mode, system, or system of aligner. 


There are three main categories of clear aligners that we offer here at Fine Orthodontics.

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Invisalign® is a well-known system of clear aligners that has been helping patients achieve beautiful smiles since the late 1990s. As a pioneer of clear aligner technology, Invisalign® offers advanced treatment planning software and aligner manufacturing capability. Dr. Martin Fine at Fine Orthodontics has extensive experience in using the Invisalign® aligner system to provide exceptional orthodontic treatment for his patients.


 Dr Fine was an early adopter of the technology, seeing Invisalign®’s potential to meet patient’s needs while offering a comfortable, attractive treatment experience. He has enjoyed seeing the technology improve to the point that clear aligners are a great treatment option to address most types of orthodontic problems.

Other clear aligner systems

Aside from Invisalign®, there are several other clear aligner systems available on the market, each with unique features and benefits. These systems may vary in terms of cost, material quality, and treatment planning capabilities. It is essential to consult with an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Fine to determine the best mode of treatment to meet your specific needs. 

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FineLine - by Dr Martin Fine

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In addition to popular clear aligner systems,  Fine Orthodontics is proud to offer our own aligner system. Dr. Fine has developed FineLine, a line of custom-made aligners designed and developed in response to our patients’ needs. These aligners provide patients with a cost-effective and efficient treatment option, leveraging the latest innovations in clear aligner technology. 


FineLine takes the best of clear aligner technology and adapts it for a smaller scale, meaning we have increased flexibility to tailor any part of the process to meet our requirements, on a per patient basis. There is no need for us to work with an outside company, and we benefit from increased control, giving Dr Fine greater freedom to focus on your outcome, rather than having to factor in limitations and processes imposed by outside companies. 


For many orthodontic cases, FineLine is an excellent choice patients can consider alongside other options. As there is no need to order all the aligners upfront from an outside company, initial deposits can be lower. If FineLine is an option for you, we’ll let you know at your free* assessment appointment.

A limited number of FREE Orthodontic Assessments* ($195 value) are still available

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Clear Aligners

There are various factors affecting the cost of clear aligners. Here we discuss the main ones. 

Complexity of the case

The cost of clear aligner treatment can be influenced by the complexity of the patient's orthodontic needs. More complex cases, such as severe crowding, missing teeth, or significant bite issues, may require additional aligners or supplementary treatments. Should you wish to achieve full correction, the additional treatment planning and clinic time may increase the overall cost of the treatment. 


In addition, these complex cases may benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, with your care managed by a team of experts. Your expert team may include other dental professionals such as cosmetic dentists, oral surgeons and gum specialists. Dr Fine has a great deal of experience managing complex cases, with his expert treatment planning and involvement often sought after by other top dental specialists in Sydney. If your treatment could benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach, overall treatment costs are likely to be higher, with fees being payable to other members of your team as well as just your orthodontist. 


Despite these additional fees, the benefits of undergoing full correction can be substantial, resulting in long-term savings of both time and cost. Restorations that are meticulously planned and overseen by a specialised team are more likely to be durable and have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for extensive future maintenance or revisions.

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Treatment goals

Despite having complex problems, in some cases, after hearing all the options, you may make an informed decision to address only some of your orthodontic issues. Fine Orthodontics understands that not all adults want full comprehensive orthodontic treatment, and may wish to make minor cosmetic adjustments only. If this is the case, we may be able to offer a range of effective treatment options. Where applicable to your case, we can present your options as ‘tiered treatment options’, where two or more treatment plans and fees are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of the options will be explained, so that you can make the right choice to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Duration of treatment

The length of time required for clear aligner treatment also affects the cost. Longer treatment plans may require more sets of aligners, and consequently, a higher overall cost. On the other hand, shorter treatment durations, such as minor tooth adjustments, may be more affordable. In most cases, treatment duration, which is closely linked to treatment goals and case complexity, can usually be estimated from the outset.


An exception to this is where patient compliance has become an issue. In cases where patients are not committed to their treatment and don’t wear the aligners well, their teeth may move adversely, sometimes to the point that the series of planned aligners no longer fit. If your treatment needs to be revised in cases such as this, additional fees are likely to apply.

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Similarly, if patients progress through their treatment very slowly (due to not wearing the aligners enough), additional fees could be payable to cover additional administration and clinic time. At Fine Orthodontics, we want your treatment to progress as smoothly and easily as possible. To help make aligner wearing a breeze, our friendly, approachable staff provide plenty of instructions, guidance and support. Many of us have had treatment ourselves, so we understand how it feels to adjust to a new orthodontic appliance.


Fine Orthodontics also provides a Remote Monitoring phone app that makes it easy to stay in touch with our team. Whilst some in-person office visits will still be necessary, in most cases the majority of your appointments can be done remotely. Your Remote Monitoring app will guide you through the process of taking photographic scans of your teeth. Once uploaded via the app, Fine Orthodontics will be able to track your progress, let you know when to change aligners, and provide other guidance as needed. You can also initiate a chat with the team anytime, which is a great way to ensure that you can ask your question as it arises, at a time that suits you.


With the support of our team and your commitment, you should find it easy to incorporate aligner wear into your lifestyle, therefore avoiding the need for any additional fees related to insufficient aligner wear.

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Geographic location of the orthodontic practice

The cost of clear aligner treatment can vary depending on the location of the orthodontic practice. Practices in urban areas or those with a higher cost of living may charge more for treatment compared to those in more affordable regions. 

Average Cost of Clear Aligners

The average cost of clear aligners depends on their type. 


Invisalign® treatment typically ranges from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the complexity of the case and the number of aligners needed. The cost may also vary based on the clinician’s experience, the specific Invisalign® package chosen, and any additional treatments or services required. Despite this typical estimate, depending on your unique needs, the treatment fee could still be significantly less - or possibly more. Treatment fee is highly case-specific. The main expense for providers is clinic time, rather than the plastic aligners themselves. 


It is not possible to provide a realistic cost estimate without seeing your teeth and smile. For this reason, at Fine Orthodontics we provide free* assessment so that you can obtain a quote specific to your case.

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Other clear aligner systems

The cost of other clear aligner systems is likely to be fairly similar to the fee provided above, usually being from around $5,000 to $10,000. These systems may offer similar results to Invisalign® but subtle differences exist, including the use of different materials, and different systems for designing and controlling aligner outcome.


Dr Fine is an expert in using clear aligner systems, and has a firm understanding of the pros and cons of each. At your assessment appointment, Dr Fine will be able to advise and recommend suitable clear aligner options to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

As mentioned earlier, our own FineLine system can generally be offered at a lower deposit, as the aligners can be made on an as-needed basis within our own on-site facility.

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Insurance Coverage and Payment Options

Whilst the total fee is often an important consideration, we recognise that sometimes a monthly fee is a better guide when trying to imagine how treatment will be incorporated into your existing lifestyle. Whilst some people wish to pay the fee upfront, it is very common to pay it off in monthly instalments instead. At your free* assessment appointment, we can discuss different payment plan options.

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Flexible payment plans at Fine Orthodontics

Fine Orthodontics offers a range of flexible payment options to suit various budgets, making clear aligner treatment more accessible. By spreading the cost of treatment over several months or years, patients can more easily manage the expense of orthodontic care.


Our Treatment Coordinators have been trained to make your treatment journey as easy and comfortable as possible. Some of this includes being approachable and solutions-focused when it comes to discussing potential payment arrangements. Orthodontic treatment can be such a positive, life-changing investment and it is our goal to help you reach your goals in any way we can.

Cost-Effective Treatment with Clear Aligners at Fine Orthodontics

The Fine Orthodontics team is focused on providing high quality, cost-effective treatment with clear aligners.

State-of-the-art technology

Fine Orthodontics employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your clear aligner treatment is as efficient and effective as possible. By utilising 3D intraoral scanners, treatment simulation software, and 3D digital x-rays, we can create a precise treatment plan that results in a stunning smile while reducing overall costs. 


Using only the best technology ensures your treatment will be as straightforward as possible, minimising potential complications and unnecessary clinic time. Our technology ensures that your treatment will progress from start to finish in a direct manner, making every moment you are wearing your aligners count. 


As well as allowing treatment to be fast and comfortable, efficient treatment reduces clinic time which can allow us to control costs. We are pleased to be able to pass these savings along to our patients, making treatment more accessible to more patients.



Customised treatment plans

At Fine Orthodontics, we analyse and plan cases carefully from the start, knowing that meticulous treatment planning from the outset will result in time savings and greater efficiency further down the track. This customisation and individual treatment planning also involves offering various options, where applicable. This means that in some cases where desired, patients can make an informed decision to address only some of their orthodontic issues. 


In addition, Dr Fine always keeps an open mind regarding treatment modality, and will consider your needs against the relative advantages and disadvantages of different appliances, including various clear aligner systems. These options can have an impact on treatment cost.


By tailoring the treatment to the specific orthodontic requirements of each case, Dr. Fine can ensure that your treatment is both effective and cost-efficient.


Specialist knowledge and processes

While it's easy to assume that all clear aligner treatments are created equal, the truth is far from it. The aligners themselves are merely tools—the real difference lies in the hands of the expert diagnosing, planning, and supervising your treatment. At Fine Orthodontics, you'll find that expertise in the form of a specialist orthodontist with over 30 years of experience.


Some general dentists will offer orthodontics as a service in addition to regular dental check ups, cleanings and other dental procedures. The pursuit of lower fees may lead some patients to seek clear aligner treatments from general dentists, but it's crucial to consider the potential trade-offs. Specialist orthodontists, unlike general dentists, undergo an additional 2-3 years of further education, solely focusing on orthodontics. Moreover, an experienced orthodontist will have amassed countless hours honing their craft, exclusively practising orthodontics. 


Furthermore, since orthodontics may constitute only a minor part of their daily operations, general dentists might not be able to deliver these services as cost-effectively as specialist orthodontists who focus exclusively on orthodontics. For instance, general dentists may need to pay more for small orders of orthodontic equipment, and may need to allocate extra time to setting up, carrying out and packing away procedures that comprise a minor portion of their daily routine.


With all this in mind, when contemplating the cost of your treatment, it is well worth considering the overall value, not just the price. The benefits of having an experienced specialist orthodontist can potentially far outweigh any initial cost difference. 


Choosing a specialist orthodontist may enhance your peace of mind as you start your treatment journey, as you are entrusting your smile to a professional with extensive specialist training, and the relevant experience required to provide exceptional treatment outcomes.


Remote monitoring to reduce in-office visits

Fine Orthodontics understands the value of your time and aims to make your clear aligner treatment as convenient as possible. Through the use of remote monitoring technology, patients can use an app on their smartphone to stay in touch with our office. This includes a facility to send 3D photographic scans of your teeth.  Via the app, you’ll receive instructions and advice without needing to visit the orthodontist practice as frequently. In most cases, you’ll also be able to advance through aligners in your series without needing a physical, in-person visit.


This technology reduces the overall cost of treatment while still providing excellent results. It also makes treatment more accessible to those who live greater distances from the office, but still want first-class orthodontic treatment. Fine Orthodontics currently treats patients all over the world, some of which have moved away since starting treatment, some which are travelling, and others who have chosen to have their treatment with us despite physical distance.


Dental insurance coverage for clear aligner treatment

If you have private health cover, you may find that they cover a portion of your orthodontic treatment, which may include clear aligners. It's essential to check with your insurance provider to understand the coverage limits and any specific requirements for clear aligner treatment. To help make communications with your health fund easier, Fine Orthodontics will include the relevant item numbers in all quotations.


The expertise of a skilled orthodontist can help maximise the potential of clear aligners, ensuring that your bite and smile are correctly aligned. Specialist knowledge, experience and investment in technology can be ‘win-win’, as these advantages not only allow us to provide the highest quality of care available, they also allow us to be more efficient, therefore ensuring that you can have the best orthodontic treatment at an accessible price.


Keeping in mind that everyone’s needs, desires and budgets are unique, wherever possible Fine Orthodontics offers a range of treatment options. This includes offering FineLine, our own exclusive clear aligner system made at our on-site lab. By taking advantage of our flexible financing options, including our low-deposit options for FineLine, patients can manage the expense of orthodontic care while still achieving their dream smile.


If you are considering clear aligner treatment, take advantage of the free* assessment offered by Fine Orthodontics. Dr. Martin Fine and his team will evaluate your orthodontic needs and discuss treatment options and payment plans that best suit your individual requirements. Schedule your free* assessment today to start your journey toward a confident, beautiful smile.

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