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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

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Adult orthodontic treatment has come a long way. Today, orthodontic treatment can be carried out at any age.


We’ve seen amazing results with adult orthodontics. A perfect smile can boost self-esteem and improve your oral health and well-being. Crooked teeth and a bad bite are often linked to gum disease, tooth decay and abnormal tooth enamel wear.

Others choose orthodontics as a precursor to restorative or cosmetic dental work including implants and veneers. Restorations and other dental work is generally not as successful when placed on crooked teeth or where there are bite issues. A small percentage of adults have jaw alignment issues. They may consider orthodontics together with jaw surgery.


Tooth straightening in adults can help in these situations and create an excellent cosmetic result.


If you like, choose virtually invisible aligners like Invisalign® so you can feel confident with your smile. No one will know you’re fixing your smile! And, if you're in a hurry to get your smile, Fine Orthodontics has a number of fast treatment options. 


Adult braces treatment options include metal braces and clear braces. Clear aligners like Invisalign® for adults has been a game-changer. You can have treatment without anybody knowing. There is no longer any need to put up with uncomfortable lingual braces (braces behind the teeth).

Dr Fine has even designs and manufactures his very own Clear Aligners in an on-site facility using the highest quality materials and the most up to date equipment and techniques. This option (known as FineLine®) can often be offered alongside other braces and clear aligner options, and the choice will be yours to make.


We understand that dental treatment can feel like a big step to take. Rest assured our team will be supporting you every step of the way, and the process is minimally invasive to make you feel comfortable. No messy, cold tooth impressions are required. Our modern 3d digital technology eliminates all of the old-fashioned uncomfortable procedures. Take advantage of our remote monitoring technology - we won’t bring you in for any unnecessary visits. Our goal is to deliver the shortest possible treatment time.


At Fine Orthodontics, our experience and success with aligners allows us to treat most adult patients with Clear Aligners. Remember, it is the orthodontist’s ability that determines the outcome rather than the type of aligners used. So, whether you choose braces for adults or Clear Aligners, it is ultimately the expertise of the orthodontist that will determine the outcome.


Are you wondering about the cost of adult braces? During your first visit, we provide you a detailed explanation of the best treatment plan, the expected duration, and cost estimates. See how our easy payment plans work.


Many of our adults say they have never been happier with their choice to fix their smile. So, why wait? The smile that you’ve always wanted is in reach!

Benefits of adult orthodontic treatment:

  • Improvements in your overall appearance

  • Better overall oral health

  • Easier to clean

  • A corrected and more comfortable bite

  • Reduced gaps between your teeth

  • Decreased potential for wear of your teeth

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Orthodontic Treatment Adults - Before and After


Teeth Straightening for Adults

Clear aligner treatment like Invisalign® is an attractive option to many people who need orthodontic treatment, as they are almost invisible in appearance. Dr Fine has extensive Clear Aligner experience you can benefit from.

Clear Aligners - small.jpg

Braces are more versatile than ever, no matter whether you choose metal braces or clear braces. So, you can choose the one that best suits your style! For the most precise results, we digitally customise all types of braces treatments.

Braces - small.jpg

In some cases, jaw surgery may be helpful to align your jaws, and achieve the outcome that you want. In some cases minor surgery may also be recommended to simply uncover an impacted tooth or impacted teeth.

Surgical Options - small.jpg

We offer many other types of custom appliances which can speed up your treatment and give you precise long-lasting results.  These are made onsite in our world-class specialist orthodontic laboratory.

Custom Appliances - small.jpg

Areas We Serve in Sydney

Fine Orthodontics serves the Sydney area with two clinics in Bondi Junction and Maroubra. Additionally, we offer our orthodontic services to those in neighboring neighborhoods, ensuring comprehensive dental care for the community.

We recognize that it can be challenging for some patients, especially those living farther away, to visit us regularly. To address this, we have implemented a "Remote Monitoring" service. This allows for fewer in-person visits, while still maintaining quality care.

Bondi Junction.jpg

Bondi Junction

Level 8, 35 Spring Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022 Sydney



Level 1, 633 Anzac Parade
Maroubra NSW 2035


With this service, patients can use a phone app to share pictures of their teeth, enabling Dr. Fine to monitor progress remotely.

For individuals in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, our locations are accessible:

Municipality of Woollahra

Waverley Council

City of Randwick

Bayside Council

City of Sydney

Including the following suburbs of Sydney:

  • Bondi Junction

  • Queens Park

  • Dover Heights

  • Bellevue Hill

  • Double Bay

  • Rose Bay

  • Vaucluse

  • Bronte

  • Bondi North Bondi

  • Bondi Beach

  • Tamarama

  • Clovelly

  • Randwick

  • Waverley

  • Watsons Bay

  • Elizabeth Bay

  • Potts Point

  • Rushcutters Bay

  • Darling Point

  • Edgecliff

  • Woollahra

  • Point Piper

  • Woolloomooloo

  • Centennial Park

  • Moore Park

  • Paddington

  • Sydney CBD

  • Darlinghurst

  • Surry Hills

  • Eastlakes

  • Banksmeadow

  • Botany

  • Kingsford

  • Daceyville

  • Kensington

  • Coogee

  • South Coogee

  • Maroubra

  • Pagewood

  • Chifley

  • Eastgardens

  • Hillsdale

  • La Perouse

  • Little Bay

  • Malabar

  • Matraville

  • Phillip Bay

  • Port Botany

Furthermore, those affiliated with Sydney University or the University of NSW will find our offices reasonably convenient.


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