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Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Just imagine if you could complete your teeth straightening treatment in a year instead of two or three. Or maybe you could finish treatment even faster – within months. Now, you can – with Wilckodontics.

By including Wilckodontics in your orthodontic treatment, you may find some tooth movements occurring as much as four times quicker than with conventional orthodontic treatment. Of course these rates vary between individuals and depend on your individual circumstances.

It is important to note before getting too far ahead of ourselves that this option does involve a surgical procedure. Like all invasive procedures, this surgery is associated with certain risks. This (and your personal suitability) will need to be discussed with your specialist orthodontist and/or periodontist (gum specialist) prior to going ahead with treatment.

While other teeth straightening treatments work by placing pressure on your teeth, Wilckodontics uses a different approach. The treatment focuses on the bone surrounding the teeth. During a minor surgical procedure (under sedation), a gum specialist (periodontist) activates the bone. This works to stimulate and improve how it reacts to tooth movement. The result is better bone structure and support than you would achieve if the teeth had just been moved with braces alone.

For some patients, Wilckodontics can even enhance facial soft tissue support, because of the associated bone grafting surgical procedure. Importantly, this is not the case for all patients, as individual circumstances may vary.

Why Wilckodontics is Faster Than Conventional Braces

The treatment works much faster than braces and clear aligners like Invisalign® can on their own, and in some instances, the entire process can be completed in mere months. Even for complicated alignment and bite issues, the treatment is faster than braces alone.

So, What Exactly Is It All About?

Over twenty years of research has lead to the development of faster orthodontics. Now, the treatment time for orthodontic cases can be significantly shortened. The concept of accelerated orthodontics is a mixture of periodontal (gum) oral surgery and orthodontics.

Your orthodontist can achieve a powerful advantage in reducing the usual orthodontic treatment times and fast-track patients, completing treatment in much less time than traditional orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatment traditionally takes a long time. That’s due to the limitations of the bone surrounding the teeth. The continual, yet slow, application of orthodontic forces triggers a biological process which results in slow tooth movement. Yet, it is this mechanism that orthodontists have utilised to move teeth for the past century.

Accelerated orthodontics in the form of Wilckodontics uses advanced orthodontics along with periodontal oral surgery to activate the bone around your teeth. By stimulating that bone, your teeth are then moved at a quicker pace, while also adding new bone to create a solid foundation for your teeth in their new, straighter position.

Activating the Bone Around the Teeth

To activate the bone around your teeth, periodontists use the process of selective vertical scratching. In some cases extra bone graft material may also be placed.

The activation procedure facilitates faster tooth movement, starting shortly after the procedure. Both your upper and lower jaws can undergo the procedure at the same appointment, or alternatively; a group of teeth or even one single tooth may be selected for treatment.

The receptiveness and reactivity of lower and upper jaws to augmentation and activation is inline with the physiologic and cell biology stages seen in the pattern of wound healing. Striking bursts in bone activity occur next to the site of the augmentation and activation. Wilckodontics demonstrates how our biologic response can be modified to your advantage.

A few other benefits of this accelerated orthodontic procedure doe to the augmented and activated bone can include:

  • Improved tooth and post-orthodontic stability

  • Increased bone volume which can improve facial aesthetics in certain cases

  • Repair of remaining soft tissue and bony defects that support your teeth

  • Fewer extractions required for orthodontics

The Wilckodontics Treatment Procedure

If you’re starting to get excited at the prospect of faster teeth straightening time, you need to understand what the accelerated procedure involves.

  • Surgery

This treatment types involves surgery. So for this reason, your periodontist will perform this procedure under local anaesthetic. As mentioned earlier you will go through associated risks with your periodontist and/or orthodontist prior to going ahead. It is important that you understand that treatment is optional, and understand all the pros and cons before making your decision.

  • Continued Orthodontic Treatment

You will continue to work with your orthodontist for adjustments throughout the treatment to ensure your new smile develops as planned.

Are You a Candidate for Wilckodontics?

You may be wondering if you are the right person for the treatment.

Wilckodontics is a great solution for a wide range of patients, regardless of age. It works to address similar issues to traditional orthodontic treatments. Provided you have your permanent teeth, this form of accelerated orthodontics could be a viable solution for you. The people who benefit the most from the convenience of a shorter treatment time include those who feel long-term procedures may impact their social and professional relationships and achievements. The procedure is not right for everyone, and your individual suitability can be discussed during a free* orthodontic consultation.

Even children and adolescents may benefit from speedier teeth straightening treatment compared to the usual 2 – 3 years associated with traditional metal braces and other types of orthodontic treatments. This is especially true of those with particularly complex or challenging orthodontic problems.

Following your initial treatment, keep in mind that you must wear a retainer for a period of time, as determined by your orthodontist. This helps to prevent your teeth from slipping back to their old position and keeps your straighter, beautiful smile on track.

To find out if Wilckodontics treatment is right for you, talk to the team at Fine Orthodontics to find out more.

*If orthodontic X-rays are required, a fee of $180 applies. See Terms and Conditions. Treatment may not be suitable for you.

These Products are not available for purchase by the general public. They are however available to Fine Orthodontics patients. Always read the label and follow the instructions for use.


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Specialist Orthodontist Input by Dr Martin Fine BDS, MSc, MSc

Dr Martin Fine

Dr Martin Fine

Specialist Orthodontist Dr Martin Fine, BDS, MSc (Orthodontics), is based in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. With over 30 years' experience in private practice, Dr Fine has expertise working with a wide variety of orthodontic appliances, including braces and Invisalign. He has presented at orthodontic conferences globally, and has taught postgraduate orthodontic students at the University of Sydney. Dr Fine is a member of both the AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) and the ASO (Australian Society of Orthodontists), and is a former president of the Alpha-Omega Dental Society's Sydney Chapter.  In the past, Dr Fine's research has been featured in the Angle Orthodontist journal. Dr Fine is committed to providing outstanding patient care using the latest and most effective techniques. Most recently, Dr Fine has developed and introduced the innovative FineLine clear aligner system, which has been specifically developed to meet the needs of patients at Fine Orthodontics.

Written by Danielle Long, writer

Danielle Long

Danielle Long.png

Danielle Long is a writer at Fine Orthodontics. She holds graduate qualifications in English and Education and is an integral part of the team at Fine Orthodontics. Danielle Long has been assisting in the orthodontic care process at Fine Orthodontics for over fifteen years, working closely with the team to provide exceptional patient support, communication and coordination of treatment plans. As a writer and an orthodontic treatment coordinator, Danielle Long's primary responsibilities include facilitating exceptional patient education and communication, ensuring seamless coordination of treatment plans, and providing support to the clinical orthodontic team at Fine Orthodontics.

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