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Sydney's Best Orthodontist - How to Choose

Updated: Jan 31

Are you looking for top Sydney orthodontists for yourself or a family member? In the right hands, your smile has the potential to be one of your greatest assets!

Best Sydney Orthodontist Dr. Martin Fine
Choose the best Sydney orthodontist with our guide.

Orthodontic treatment can achieve life-changing benefits to your health and appearance. Whilst this is exciting, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of choices and options available.

The most important decision is selecting the best orthodontist to meet your needs. Once that choice has been made, the process will become much easier. You can simply relax and allow your caring orthodontist and their supportive staff to guide you through your treatment journey.

Choosing the best orthodontist should be stress-free. The information provided below may help you to make an informed choice that is best for you. We want you to smile throughout your treatment – and well into the future!

Choosing a Qualified Sydney Orthodontist

Whilst a dentist is great at managing the general health of teeth, a specialist orthodontist is best for straightening them. Whilst many dental practices offer orthodontics (including braces and clear aligners like Invisalign®), you may wish to confirm that your treatment will be undertaken by a qualified specialist orthodontist.

Specialist Orthodontist

To become a specialist, an orthodontist must complete another two to three years of specialist university training on top of their general dental qualification.

In addition, a specialist orthodontist will usually have a much greater level of relevant practical experience. Only a specialist orthodontist has the knowledge and options available to them to ensure the best possible treatment outcome.

At Fine Orthodontics, our patients take great comfort knowing that Dr Martin Fine is an established, well-respected Sydney Orthodontist who has been practicing specialist orthodontics since 1991.

Fine Orthodontics receives referrals from many of the best dentists in Sydney. Furthermore, many top Sydney dental professionals have selected Fine Orthodontics as the best orthodontist to care for their own (and their children’s) smile.

Top Orthodontist's Experience

As well as choosing the best orthodontist, you'll want to select an office that you'll enjoy visiting on a regular basis. The best way to get a feel for an orthodontic practice is to meet them!

Book an initial consultation and ask questions. It is likely that this initial meeting will give you a good indication of whether or not the orthodontist and their team will be able to meet your needs.

As well as focusing on treatment excellence, the team at Fine Orthodontics Sydney understands that your treatment journey is a partnership based on great communication and positive relationships.

For this reason, your comfort and positive experience in our office is our highest priority. We treat our patients as part of our Fine Orthodontics Family.

Our Sydney clinic is a fun, light-hearted and pleasant place to visit. We have developed life-long relationships with many of our patients, some of which have spanned generations. There is no greater compliment than our past patients returning to us with their own children!

Sydney's best orthodontist's clinic

Best Orthodontists Use Best Technology

Modern technology ensures that your orthodontist has the best diagnostic and treatment tools available. As well as ensuring the best possible outcome, modern technologies ensure that your treatment will be fast, aesthetic, and comfortable.

At Fine Orthodontics we are passionate about embracing the best available modern technologies, such as 3D diagnostic imaging and treatment planning (including on-site 3D scans and radiology), digital braces, aligners (such as Invisalign®), and remote services (such as online appointments).

Best Sydney Orthodontics Technology
Fine Orthodontics uses the best dental technology available.

Fine Orthodontics for Your Best Convenience

We understand that you want to fit your orthodontic treatment into your life - not the other way around! Choosing the best orthodontist for your care may involve considering practice location, hours and the availability of remote services.

Fine Orthodontics in Sydney Opening Hours

Fine Orthodontics is open from 8:00am-5:30pm Monday to Friday and is conveniently located in the heart of Sydney (in the Eastern Suburbs), with practices in both Maroubra and Bondi Junction.

Fine Orthodontics Sydney Clinics

Our Bondi Junction Sydney office is located near Bondi Junction’s rail and bus hub making public transport an easy option. Timed street parking is available nearby the office. The office is walking distance from several key shopping centres, allowing our patients the convenience of combining errands.

Our Maroubra Sydney office is easily accessible by bus or car. Street parking is available in the streets behind the office. In addition, a dedicated car park reserved especially for our patients is located at the rear of the practice.

Remote Sydney Orthodontics

Fine Orthodontics recognises that the best form of convenience is not needing to attend the office at all! We believe that world-class treatment should be accessible to as many people as possible.

We offer Remote Monitoring to reduce the number of office visits needed. With the benefit of remote technology to minimise visits, Fine Orthodontics Sydney has been able to treat patients from all over Australia - and even overseas.

Orthodontist Sydney would love to make you and your family smile. We can provide expert answers to any questions you may have. Contact us today to discuss how we can be the best orthodontist to meet your needs.

Orthodontic braces
With this guide, you will find the best orthodontist.

FAQs on Choosing the Best Orthodontist in Sydney

Q: I am looking for the best orthodontist in Sydney - can you help?

A: It is important that you feel comfortable with the specialist you choose to do your orthodontics in Sydney. His or her experience and ability to discuss treatment options is one measure that might help in your choice. Another is the use of modern technology, which will make your treatment easier and more comfortable. All these factors can help you in choosing your best orthodontist - Sydney has many to choose from.

Q: There is an orthodontist near me, but have not been over-excited by their approach. How often will I need to go for orthodontic treatment? Would it be worth travelling to the best orthodontist, or do I need to get orthodontics near me?

A: Orthodontic appointments are much less frequent with newer technologies. These include remote and virtual systems. So, you’re better off choosing an orthodontist you’re more comfortable with, even if it means travelling a little. Families love having multiple family members treated at the same time makes it more convenient for visits. We call that “family orthodontics”.

Q: The dentist offering to do my braces in Sydney also has done regular dental care for our family. How can I check if they are an orthodontist?

A: It is prudent to be aware of the dentist vs orthodontist issue. If the person doing the orthodontics also does dental procedures, they are probably not an orthodontist. You’ll find that orthodontists do orthodontics exclusively. Orthodontists do not do general dental procedures like crowns, fillings and extractions.

Q: I am looking for a Sydney Invisalign® orthodontist. Can you help?

A: It is again best to choose an orthodontist rather than a dentist. Not all orthodontists are experienced in Invisalign®, so be sure to check.

Book your free* virtual or on-site assessment with the Fine Orthodontics team today.

Orthodontic Products are not available for purchase by the general public. They are however available to Fine Orthodontics patients. Always read the label and follow the instructions for use.

*If orthodontic X-rays are required, a fee of $180 applies. See Terms and Conditions. Treatment may not be suitable for you.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Kid’s Orthodontist

The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommend that children be evaluated for orthodontic treatment by the time they’re 7 years old. It may be that your child will need to wear braces, so choosing a great kid’s orthodontists is important. You don’t have to wait until it’s obvious your little one needs orthodontic treatment. Sometimes early identification and intervention can make overall treatment faster and easier.

Children's top orthodontists in Sydney
Here's how to find the best orthodontist for children.

Here are 3 tips to help you choose the right orthodontist for your little ones.

1. Check for Specialist Orthodontist Credentials

Many dentists offer special services. But, there’s a big difference in the amount and type of training both orthodontists and dentists receive. For instance, an orthodontist completes dental school and undergoes another two or three years of specialised training. So, while a dentist is great for keeping your child’s teeth healthy, a specialist orthodontist is best for aligning them.

2. An Orthodontist with Actual Experience with Children

The treatment your children will receive depends on their situation. Ask your prospective orthodontist how many similar procedures they have performed and how much experience they have treating kids.

Some orthodontists favour or prefer different types of treatment, and that might influence your decision. A kid’s orthodontist should offer interceptive treatments to resolve any issues as easily as possible.

3. Before and After Orthodontic Care

At your child’s first consultation, your orthodontist will review your child’s medical history, perform an oral exam and take x-rays. Treatment may not be required, however your orthodontist may recommend regular check ups to monitor you child as they grow and develop. Alternatively some treatment may be indicated. If this is the case the orthodontist will devise a preliminary treatment plan and go through treatment details with you. Your first consultation is the time to address your own concerns and questions, too. Discuss payment options and costs during your first consultation. The orthodontist should offer a clear contract that outlines each expense, which can help you budget for treatment and aftercare.

Choosing Your Best Orthodontist in Sydney

Straight teeth are an investment in your child’s future, so choosing the right orthodontist is paramount.

Dr. Fine is a specialist orthodontist with a great deal of experience working with children. Get in touch today to book a consultation.

* Terms and conditions apply: One free* initial assessment per patient. Does not include X-Rays. Treatment may not be suitable for your child.


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Specialist Orthodontist Input by Dr Martin Fine BDS, MSc, MSc

Dr Martin Fine

Dr Martin Fine

Specialist Orthodontist Dr Martin Fine, BDS, MSc (Orthodontics), is based in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. With over 30 years' experience in private practice, Dr Fine has expertise working with a wide variety of orthodontic appliances, including braces and Invisalign. He has presented at orthodontic conferences globally, and has taught postgraduate orthodontic students at the University of Sydney. Dr Fine is a member of both the AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) and the ASO (Australian Society of Orthodontists), and is a former president of the Alpha-Omega Dental Society's Sydney Chapter.  In the past, Dr Fine's research has been featured in the Angle Orthodontist journal. Dr Fine is committed to providing outstanding patient care using the latest and most effective techniques. Most recently, Dr Fine has developed and introduced the innovative FineLine clear aligner system, which has been specifically developed to meet the needs of patients at Fine Orthodontics.

Written by Danielle Long

Danielle Long

Danielle Long.png

Danielle Long has been assisting in the creation of beautiful smiles at Fine Orthodontics for over 15 years. Holding graduate qualifications in English and Education (BA/BEd UNSW), Dani brings a unique blend of knowledge to her role. She has worked in many different areas of the practice, having served as both Clinical Assistant and Treatment Coordinator over the years. Continually fascinated by the art and science behind orthodontics, Dani is always keen to share her knowledge in order to enhance patient understanding and experience. Dani focuses on facilitating exceptional patient communication and delivering in-depth orthodontic treatment information. She strives to ensure that every individual embarking on their orthodontic journey with Fine Orthodontics feels informed and supported.

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