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Orthodontic Emergencies

Have an Orthodontic Emergency?

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There are some situations we would class as an orthodontic emergency. In many cases, there are steps you can take at home to ease the discomfort until you can attend an appointment.

Bent or Broken Wires Sticking Into your Gum or Cheek

Occasionally, a wire may stick out from behind the molar bands as your teeth start to move. If this occurs, place wax on the exposed archwire for temporary relief and phone to arrange an appointment for it to be trimmed.

Loose Brackets

The first step should be to call either our practice to let us know your brackets have become dislodged. We will promptly arrange an appointment for them to be re-bonded.


Generally this is not an emergency and can be done within 2-3 weeks.

If more than one bracket has become loose, let our receptionist know so they can make sure the appointment window will accommodate the entirety of the procedure.


The most important thing to remember is to be very careful look after your braces as you would fine jewellery. Having loose brackets will tend to make your treatment run longer.

Lost or broken Aligner

While it is not ideal to skip an Aligner tray, if you lose or break one of them, you can simply move on to the next one. It might be a bit tighter than you are used to when changing from one to the next aligner, but that is simply because you are moving the teeth a bit further. 


If you lose more than one tray, or you feel like something isn't right anymore, please give us a call and we will fit you in for a quick check and possible re-scan.

Loose Molar Bands

A loose molar band means we lose control of the tooth, and food may become lodged around it. Your band will need to be re-cemented.


Unless you already have an appointment scheduled within a few days, call our office to notify the receptionist that you will need an appointment within two weeks.

Sore or Achy Teeth

Sore or achy teeth are normal during orthodontic treatment, and are the result of the forces needed to move your teeth.


Most people experience soreness for a few days after having braces fitted, and occasionally after their regular orthodontic adjustment.


We recommend eating soft foods during this time and, if necessary, use a painkiller you would normally take for a headache. Please contact us if you experience severe or persistent pain.

Lost Separator

Separators nudge the teeth apart so that bands can be placed. Should the space open relatively quickly, the separator can fall out. Unless you have an appointment within a couple of days, you will need to make an appointment to have it replaced.


If a separator becomes lodged under the gum and you are unable to remove it, contact us to arrange an appointment and one of our team will do it for you.

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Areas We Serve in Sydney

Fine Orthodontics proudly offers its services to the entire Sydney region, boasting two easily accessible offices in Bondi Junction and Maroubra. Furthermore, we're delighted to cater to the orthodontic needs of adjacent suburbs, ensuring that our community receives the best in orthodontic care.

Understanding the increasing desire for top-quality orthodontic solutions regardless of one's location, we've incorporated Remote Monitoring into our service offerings. This reduces the necessity for regular face-to-face consultations.

Bondi Junction.jpg

Bondi Junction

Level 8, 35 Spring Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022 Sydney



Level 1, 633 Anzac Parade
Maroubra NSW 2035


With the Remote Monitoring feature, no matter where you live, you can access Dr. Fine's specialist knowledge. Using a user-friendly phone application, you can share photos of your smile and bite, enabling us to monitor your treatment journey closely.

Situated in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, our office is ideally positioned for patients residing or working within the local government zones of:

Municipality of Woollahra

Waverley Council

City of Randwick

Bayside Council

City of Sydney

Including the following suburbs of Sydney:

  • Bondi Junction

  • Queens Park

  • Dover Heights

  • Bellevue Hill

  • Double Bay

  • Rose Bay

  • Vaucluse

  • Bronte

  • Bondi North Bondi

  • Bondi Beach

  • Tamarama

  • Clovelly

  • Randwick

  • Waverley

  • Watsons Bay

  • Elizabeth Bay

  • Potts Point

  • Rushcutters Bay

  • Darling Point

  • Edgecliff

  • Woollahra

  • Point Piper

  • Woolloomooloo

  • Centennial Park

  • Moore Park

  • Paddington

  • Sydney CBD

  • Darlinghurst

  • Surry Hills

  • Eastlakes

  • Banksmeadow

  • Botany

  • Kingsford

  • Daceyville

  • Kensington

  • Coogee

  • South Coogee

  • Maroubra

  • Pagewood

  • Chifley

  • Eastgardens

  • Hillsdale

  • La Perouse

  • Little Bay

  • Malabar

  • Matraville

  • Phillip Bay

  • Port Botany

Additionally, those affiliated with Sydney University and the University of NSW will find our Fine Orthodontics Sydney branches to be conveniently placed for them.

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