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A Great Smile is a Confident Smile

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Welcome to Fine Orthodontics - we enjoy creating amazing smiles in a relaxing and people-friendly environment.

We are proud of the smiles we have created. Every patient is different - so at Fine Orthodontics, each smile has a bespoke plan.

Your smile can also benefit from the combination of Dr Martin Fine's extensive experience and our innovative smile technology.

Our specialist orthodontist and friendly staff will make your whole family smile!


No Matter Your Age, We'll Make You Smile

Today, everyone can have a better smile. Straightening teeth at any age with Aligners like Invisalign® or clear braces is possible. No reason to delay…


It’s common for teens to need teeth straightening for a great smile. Dr Martin Fine’s experience with both braces and no-braces technologies gives your teen great options to fit in with their lifestyle…

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Early orthodontic treatment for your child can give the best outcome for the least amount of time, effort and expense. We will make your child’s orthodontic treatment a fun and positive experience…

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Specialist Orthodontist Sydney - Dr Martin Fine


Dr Martin Fine has a Passion for Orthodontics

  • With every patient, he makes a commitment to streamlining the treatment journey.

  • Dr Fine has a passion for creating Smiles.

  • Over 30 years of Fine Orthodontics.

  • He is an experienced Invisalign® Doctor. 

  • Dr Fine leverages technological advancements to improve outcomes, find out how here.

Orthodontics Sydney - Treatment Options

Every child is different, so Aligners may be a fix for your child. Aligners are a nearly invisible alternative to traditional metal braces. A FREE orthodontic assessment* will help you explore the best treatment options for your child.

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You will have the choice between metal braces or clear braces. Dr Martin Fine digitally customises your treatment you can benefit from a quicker and more precise treatment.

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Where the jaws are incorrectly aligned, jaw surgery may be recommended as an option to align the bones. Surgery may also be needed to uncover impacted teeth.

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Dr Martin Fine is able to design and fabricate custom appliances to make your treatment better, easier and faster. Our appliances are made onsite in our world-class specialist orthodontic laboratory.

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Orthodontics Sydney - Before and After


Smiles at the
No Frown Zone

Actual patient

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