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Orthodontist Financing

Orthodontic Payment Plans

At Fine Orthodontics, orthodontic treatment has never been more affordable. We offer more flexible payment plans than ever before to stretch out your Braces or clear aligner cost, which means we can arrange a payment plan to suit your budget. Our new easy payment plan facility allows you to spread your payments across the duration of your treatment. It’s part of our commitment to ensuring we provide our patients with affordable orthodontic treatment available.


The exact fee for your orthodontic treatment depends upon the complexity of your orthodontic problem, as well as your treatment goals. We will be able to provide you with an exact fee for your needs (as well as discuss financing options) at your Free* Orthodontic Assessment.

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Your Digitally Customised Braces or Clear Aligner fee includes:

Active Braces / Clear Aligner Treatment

  • Case analysis

  • All materials and supplies

  • Specialist orthodontist and staff time

  • Correspondence with other dentists and specialist orthodontists as needed

  • Treatment progress reports to parents and dentists as required

  • Setting up of braces or Aligners and reshaping the edges of the front teeth to enhance aesthetics 

  • Fitting of braces / aligners

  • Explanation to patient/parent(s) regarding care of braces or aligners

  • A starter kit including toothbrushes, interdental brush, toothpaste, wax, fluoride rinse/toothpaste

  • Appointments for a reasonable number of breakages

  • All adjustment appointments

  • All in-treatment x-ray and photographic records, explanations/instructions, during active treatment

Deband (Braces / Clear Aligner attachments removal)

  • Removal of braces and removal of all dental glues and cements used to bond and fit the braces or aligner attachments

  • Manufacture and fitting of a set of removable retainers

Retention Treatment (approximately 18 Months)

  • Supervision of retention for up to two years, including regular retainer checks

  • Appointments as needed

  • All specialist orthodontist and staff time 

  • Review of wisdom teeth if needed

  • Correspondence to dentists and other specialists as needed

No Hidden Surprises

There is no need to worry about hidden costs or surprises as there are no further charges during your comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Of course, we cannot cover:

  • Loss or excessive breakages of your active appliances – but we will give you tips and advice on how to take care of them to avoid loss or breakages.

  • Failure to wear the appliances as instructed - necessitating the construction of new appliances

  • Loss or breakage of your retainers. Whilst long-term retainer wear is recommended to maintain your smile throughout life (and we are happy to assist with arranging new retainers when old ones have worn out) please note that additional fees do apply for replacement retainers. 

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