16 Nov
Do I Need a Referral to See An Orthodontist

In Australia, you do not need a referral to see an orthodontist. You may like to ask your dentist for recommendations or talk to friends and family. Once you’ve found an orthodontist near you, simply call up to request an appointment, or book a consultation online. Why Would You Need to See an Orthodontist? Orthodontists …

What is Orthodontics?

Author: Danielle Long
9 Nov
What is Orthodontics

You may be familiar with orthodontic treatments such as braces, but what is orthodontics? Orthodontics is the study of teeth and jaw alignment to promote optimal oral health and a beautiful smile.If you’re feeling concerned and self-conscious about protruding or crooked teeth, you aren’t alone. Not everybody has perfect alignment, but orthodontics will give you …

2 Nov
woman gets straight teeth faster with accelerated orthodontics

If you’re unhappy with your smile, you may have considered traditional metal braces. However, this treatment can take around two to three years. Fortunately, there’s a quicker way to a straighter smile thanks to accelerated orthodontics. What Exactly is Accelerated Orthodontics? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a faster option to a straighter smile. …

2 Nov
How Can I Know if My Teen is Wearing His Aligners

If your teen has been informed that he or she will require braces, they may have asked whether there’s a less conspicuous way of obtaining a straighter smile. While you might have embraced metal braces throughout your teen years, these days, they’ve come a long way. Although conventional braces are still the popular option, they …

26 Oct
Patients need to visit both their Orthodontist and Dentist regularly during Invisalign Treatment

Your orthodontist is a professional when it comes to giving you a great smile. During your Invisalign treatment you’ll be seeing them more frequently than your general dentist, typically once every six to ten weeks. Numerous orthodontic patients think they don’t need to schedule general dental visits during Invisalign treatment, however this is a misconception. Your …

Can Children Use Invisalign?

Author: Danielle Long
19 Oct
Can Children Use Invisalign | Fine Orthodontics, Sydney

You probably know all about metal braces and how effective they can be for correcting a wide range of dental problems. But, they’re no longer the only option. Invisalign is a set of clear aligner trays that can straighten teeth not only as effectively as metal braces – but in some cases – even faster. …

When Is Fast Orthodontics Possible?

Author: Danielle Long
12 Oct
fast orthodontics for less time in braces

Wouldn’t it be great if you could straighten your teeth quickly? Thanks to fast orthodontics, you can. Fast orthodontics, also called accelerated orthodontics, is an orthodontic treatment that can achieve the same goals as traditional orthodontics in less time. The American Association of Orthodontics reports that one in five adults are orthodontic patients. We know …

5 Oct
How Long Does it Take to Notice a Difference with Invisalign

If you decide to invest in Invisalign Clear Aligners for your smile transformation, you will likely be eager to start seeing your results. Most patients will be able to see noticeable changes in their smile as quickly as six weeks into their treatment. However, exactly how quickly you see your smile begin to change will …

28 Sep
Clear Correct vs. Invisalign: what is the best teeth straightening solution for you

Are crooked teeth knocking your confidence? Does the idea of traditional metal braces put you off straightening your teeth? Today, more people are considering the differences between Clear Correct vs. Invisalign for a more discreet straightening treatment. Since Invisalign was first introduced to the market in the 1990s, it’s paved the way for other brands …

Can You See the Aligners?

Author: Danielle Long
21 Sep
Can You See the Aligners - Invisalign Invisible Braces

Invisalign Clear Aligners are designed to be exactly that – clear. So the answer to “Can You See the Aligners?” is no; not easily. The aligners are very nearly invisible & generally remain hidden from the naked eye. Orthodontists custom fit clear trays to the teeth, which subtly move them into position over the duration …

14 Sep
preventative orthodontics include plates for children Fine Orthodontics Sydney

We’re often asked about the difference between regular orthodontic treatments and early or preventative orthodontics. Why would a child need early treatment and how could it benefit your little one in the long-run? According to the Australian Dental Association, children should start visiting the dentist when a baby’s tooth becomes visible or they reach 12 …

7 Sep
Caring for top and bottom teeth after braces for a healthy beautiful smile

It’s finally time to get your braces off! Many patients plan to celebrate or have something special to eat and drink to mark the occasion. You head off for your debonding appointment. Just like that, your teeth are smooth and straight. You look at them and marvel. It’s been a long time since your smile …

31 Aug
accelerated orthodontics work get your orthodontic treatment such as braces finished faster

Understandably, many orthodontic patients are very keen to ensure that their treatment is as fast as possible.  You may have a specific event in mind – such as a wedding or formal.  Many patients simply want to reduce the time they spend in appliances. Accelerated orthodontics work. With specific treatment options you can get your …

24 Aug
Free Invisalign assessment teeth straightening consultation

Your initial orthodontic consultation is your first step towards achieving the beautiful smile of your dreams. The goal of the free orthodontics consultation is for you to discuss your concerns with your orthodontist and get to know one another better. By focusing on what you want to achieve, the orthodontist can create the best possible …

17 Aug
Getting braces on top teeth only what to expect during teeth straightening

It’s not unusual for adults and children to request braces on top teeth only. It makes sense: if you’re happy with the way your bottom teeth look, or couldn’t be bothered to straighten them since they’re not as visible, it’s easier to just focus on the top teeth, right? Well, it is a little more …

10 Aug
How does Wilkodonics speed up teeth straightening woman exercising with free time Fine Orthodontics

Just imagine if you could complete your teeth straightening treatment in a year instead of two or three. Or maybe you could finish treatment even faster – within months. Now, you can – with Wilckodontics. By including Wilckodontics in your orthodontic treatment, you may enjoy your final result four times quicker than with conventional orthodontic …

3 Aug
braces before and after treatment Orthodontist Sydney

Fine Orthodontics Before and After Special Case:  Tooth Exposure treatment      Why do I need Exposure Treatment? Sometimes a tooth will not come into the gum on its own, remaining trapped in the gums. In other cases, a tooth can grow significantly off-course. In both these instances your orthodontist will intervene to re-direct the teeth. …

27 Jul
Straightening your own teeth will give a healthy, natural-looking result. SureSmile Aligners.

Consider SureSmile Clear Aligners for a Straighter Smile Straightening a crooked smile is about more than appearances. It’s important to realise that misaligned teeth are more prone to gum disease and cavities. This can lead to other oral health issues, too. When you have orthodontic problems, it may also impact other parts of your mouth. …

20 Jul
Invisible braces with Fine Orthodontics Sydney

Do you want to straighten your teeth? Or maybe you’re looking at options for your child? Invisible braces are a popular choice since they’re less noticeable than the old-fashioned metal varieties. However, before you can identify the right braces for you, you’ll need to understand the different kinds of orthodontic appliances. The Advantages of Invisible …

13 Jul
Suresmile braces are a faster orthodontic treatment that allows for better accuracy than that of traditional braces

Your orthodontist has said you need braces and while you’re excited about an improved smile, you’re nervous about wearing brackets and wires. Here’s some good news: there is an orthodontic system that makes straightening your teeth with braces easier and faster compared to traditional metal braces. That system is called SureSmile and it is quickly …

6 Jul
Everything you need to know about advanced braces, Fine Orthodontics Sydney

Are you considering getting braces as an adult? Did you know that studies have suggested that we may be drawn by our own biology to those with more even teeth?  It appears that our preference for straight teeth is not just a cultural phenomenon. Straight teeth are viewed by others in a positive light because …

29 Jun
Invisalign works, clear aligners that straighten your teeth. Fine Orthodontics.

Dr Fine often gets asked, does Invisalign work? The answer is always yes. Not every teeth straightening case is suitable for Invisalign, but the patients who are suitable candidates will see great results. Invisalign is a great option for people who are worried about how they will look in traditional metal braces. The clear aligners …

29 Jun
There are generally only minimal health risks with Wilckodontics

There are a number of options when it comes to achieving the perfect smile. At-home tooth whitening solutions are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to proudly show off a fabulous smile, straightening your crooked teeth should be a priority. Yet, not many of us have the time to undergo lengthy orthodontic …

22 Jun
The fastest braces treatment available. Wilcodontics Sydney

Why Wilckodontics May Make You Reconsider Braces Do you need braces? Are you worried about how long Invisalign will take? There are other options. With a combination of traditional orthodontics and a procedure with a gum specialist, you can complete your orthodontic treatment quicker than you thought. Wilckodontics, or Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO), can help …

15 Jun
Clear Aligners mild side effects with Invisalign will usually subside within 2 days

Invisalign has become a popular alternative to metal braces. A skilled orthodontist can achieve excellent results for you, sometime in under 12 months – all without other people noticing the trays. However, there can be a few mild side effects with Invisalign. Below, we look at some of the adverse reactions some patients experience. Common …

Invisalign in Sydney: Your Options

Author: Danielle Long
8 Jun
Getting Invisalign in Sydney to straighten teeth Fine Orthodontics

Did you know that you can now visit your orthodontist less while still getting a stunning smile?  Our dental monitoring app allows you to travel, work and play without the commitment to excessive office visits. Fine Orthodontics is one of the most prestigious practices for Invisalign, Sydney.  Martin Fine is a specialist orthodontist with over 25 …

1 Jun
Invisalign vs braces, which one is best for you

Invisalign vs Braces: what are the pros and cons of each and how should you decide? So, you’ve decided you’d like straight teeth – but which is best – Invisalign or the traditional metal braces option? It may well come down to personal preference when considering the pros and cons of Invisalign vs braces, including how …

25 May
Free Orthodontic consultation, find the best teeth straightening solution for you.

In a society increasingly focused on health and appearance, the demand for a glamorous, eye-catching smile is at an all-time high. Although the demand is high – not everyone is willing to commit to treatment unless they understand a little more about what will be involved. As a result, more people than ever a seeking …

18 May
Is Invisalign treatment uncomfortable? New aligner trays can cause discomfort, usually only in the first two days

Having a dazzling, perfect smile is valued by most of us. Having straight teeth is an important part of this. If you have gaps in your front teeth or your front teeth are a little crooked, having them straightened with Invisalign treatment can restore their beauty and give you a straight and beautiful smile. But, …

What is an Orthodontic Plate?

Author: Danielle Long
11 May
Orthodontic plates apply gentle forces to specific teeth, especially in children

Why use an Orthodontic Plate? An orthodontic plate is a common orthodontic appliance, generally made from plastic and metal. Usually a plate has moulded plastic to sit behind the teeth and a metal wire on the front.Sometimes instead of wire there will be metal prongs to hold the plate to your teeth.It can be used to either: …

How Invisalign Refinements Work

Author: Danielle Long
4 May
Invisalign refinements may be necessary to fine-tune the teeth straightening process

Invisalign Refinements May be Necessary to Fine-Tune your New Smile If you’ve been following our latest articles, you’ll understand Invisalign and how it works. But, we haven’t yet gone into great detail about Invisalign refinements and the treatment process. For most people who undergo Invisalign treatment, their teeth move exactly as planned. When they’ve completed …

27 Apr
The top myths about getting braces Fine Orthodontics Sydney

Are braces just for kids? If you have braces do you have to give up the foods you love? And will kissing make your braces stick together? It’s time to debunk the top 16 myths about getting braces. 1. Getting Braces Is Only a Cosmetic Thing This is probably the biggest misconception about braces, so …

Does Invisalign Lead to Cavities?

Author: Danielle Long
20 Apr

Can Invisalign Aligners lead to cavities?  Your Oral Hygiene during Treatment If you’re following our series of blogs about Invisalign, you now know what the treatment is and how it works. So, the next question we need to answer is, does the Invisalign lead to cavities? In short, no. This ground-breaking treatment doesn’t lead to …

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Author: Danielle Long
13 Apr
Does Invisalign hurt Fine Orthodontists Sydney

If you’re considering Invisalign treatment, you may worry about Invisalign pain and discomfort. One of your main concerns may be around the question, does Invisalign hurt? Good news, you can stop worrying! While it’s noted that the tooth movements your aligners create might cause a few minor aches, it’s not unbearable. In fact, it’s easily …

Advanced Orthodontics

Author: Danielle Long
9 Apr
What is Advanced Orthodontics modern dental technology in Sydney

What is Advanced Orthodontics? To the outside world it may seem that not much has changed in the world of Orthodontics.  You still see people wearing braces and retainers – the braces look similar to what they did 20 or more years ago.  Based on this observation, you would easily believe that nothing has changed …

6 Apr
Invisalign financing options for the family fine orthodontics Sydney

Get Flexible Invisalign Financing Options Invisalign is the perfect solution if you want to transform your smile. The treatment is discreet and comfortable. But, perhaps the only thing delaying your decision could be the cost. Fine Orthodontics offer several flexible Invisalign financing options for a brighter, straighter smile. How Much Does Invisalign Treatment Cost? The …

30 Mar
How long it takes for Invisalign to work? Young woman holds stopwatch for teeth straightening.

Wondering how long Invisalign takes to work? Here’s everything you need to know There’s no doubt we’d all like to have straight, pearly white teeth. A beautiful smile is something we all covet. That said, does the idea of metal braces put you off? Braces are certainly effective, but they’re quite the commitment. And they’re …

23 Mar
Woman considers Invisalign vs. Veneers for dental issues at Fine Orthodontics - Sydney

Should you choose Invisalign or veneers for a straighter smile? You’ve decided you want straight teeth. Maybe you’ve already investigated the array of treatments on the market. But, have you narrowed it down yet? Typically, people arrive at two main choices, and they look to compare Invisalign vs veneers. But how do you know which …

How to Clean Invisalign

Author: Danielle Long
16 Mar
How to clean Invisalign Clear Aligners Fine Orthodontists Sydney

Your guide on how to clean Invisalign Your orthodontist has taken scans of your teeth and fitted the first in a series of custom clear Invisalign aligners. In just a matter of months, you’ll be ready to flash that beautiful, straight smile at anyone and everyone. But, you’ll want to know how to clean Invisalign …

9 Mar
Invisalign or Braces for Teens and Adults in Sydney Eastern Suburbs Fine Orthodontics

Invisalign or Braces? There are Pros and Cons of Each Deciding whether to get Invisalign or braces can be a tough choice. There’s no doubt you have plenty of questions. Especially when it comes to effectiveness and affordability. Not to mention the best option for your lifestyle and appearance. You want a treatment that’s going …

Orthodontists in Sydney

Author: Danielle Long
2 Mar
Orthodontist Sydney Fine Orthodontics are located in Bondi and Maroubra, New South Wales

If you are looking for one of the best orthodontists Sydney has to offer, then look no further! Fine Orthodontists in Sydney are can be found at two locations; Bondi Junction and Maroubra. The Fine Orthodontist Sydney practices are both well-established and are conveniently accessible by car and public transport. Moreover, both clinics use the …

2 Mar
How much does Invisalign cost young adult in Sydney?

Invisalign Cost, Sydney When it comes to Invisalign treatment, a common question our patients ask is how much the Invisalign treatment is. Whilst we can’t say for sure what other Sydney practices charge for Invisalign treatment, we’ve had feedback from patients who have experience with other practices. Specialist orthodontists in Sydney charge about the same …

Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

Author: Danielle Long
12 Jan
Can Invisalign fix an overbite - teeth straightening treatment for the family

Dr Fine Explains How Invisalign Can Fix An Overbite Dr Fine often gets asked, Can Invisalign fix an overbite? “Yes. Invisalign is a contemporary option that will correct an overbite without metal bands and brackets. Instead, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners. Invisalign treatment uses 3D digital technology to help straighten your teeth and correct your …

How Does Invisalign Work?

Author: Danielle Long
29 Dec
How Invisalign works, Woman uses Invisalign Teeth Straightening Aligners from Fine Orthodontics.

Exactly how does Invisalign work and can it work for you? There’s nothing that quite exudes confidence and instils a little self-love like a stunning smile. You have arrived at the right destination to see how Invisalign works and what it can do for you. Thanks to Invisalign treatment, or invisible braces, smile correction can be …