What is Advanced Orthodontics modern dental technology in Sydney

What is Advanced Orthodontics?

To the outside world it may seem that not much has changed in the world of Orthodontics.  You still see people wearing braces and retainers – the braces look similar to what they did 20 or more years ago.  Based on this observation, you would easily believe that nothing has changed and that the concept of Advanced Orthodontics does not exist. This may in fact be true in some offices.  Some practices are doing the same thing as they’ve always done with proven results. Tried and tested methods are no doubt still being used throughout Australia and the world.

But in other practices, settling for acceptable is not enough.  While things might seem similar from a casual glance, a closer look will reveal that there is a drive for excellence. For faster and better treatment.  An orthodontic office which embraces change will deliver an easier, more comfortable process and produce better results. For these practices – especially those specialising in Advanced Orthodontics – almost everything has changed compared to 20 years ago.

Almost Invisible braces

The first thing you’ll see (or rather won’t see!) in a modern, Advanced Orthodontics office is an array of almost invisible braces options.  Yes, the classic metal braces have their place, but they are no longer the only choice.  Fine Orthodontics offer strong, reliable clear braces made from high-tech materials.  For those that demand an almost invisible option we can offer clear aligners like Invisalign.  Clear aligners are like an incredibly thin, almost undetectable, mouthguard that fits closely over the teeth.

Advanced orthodontics offers patients clear solutions including Invisalign

Digital Treatment Planning

Even metal braces are no longer what they appear.  Whether you choose metal braces, clear braces or aligner treatment like Invisalign, a practice that focuses on Advanced Orthodontics will generally offer digital treatment planning.

Traditionally, Orthodontics involved having braces placed on your teeth.  The braces were the same for everybody.  You’d visit your Orthodontist for checkups, during which your progress was checked and adjustments were made.  Digital treatment, on the other hand, allows you to start with the end in sight.  Rather than us making adjustments whilst you lie in the chair, we customise your appliance and plan all the movements from the outset.

As well as allowing for faster, easier appointments, digital treatment planning allows for faster and more precise treatment.  Adjustments made by hand during treatment are always estimations – something is moved, and it is reviewed at the next visit.   I’m sure you can appreciate the benefits of going directly from A to B along a pre-determined route!

3D technology

Advanced Orthodontics involves 3D technology.  Your teeth are scanned and turned into a 3D model.  We also use 3D X-rays to ensure we are taking into account every aspect and angle of your teeth and facial features.  The Orthodontist devises your treatment plan based on your 3D model.

Advanced orthodontics employs 3D technology for precise diagnosis and treatment planning

Wire bending robots

Your plan is then translated into movements which are programmed into either braces or clear aligners like Invisalign.  Some amazing technology is involved in this process – including wire bending robots to ensure complete precision.

Super-fast tooth movement

“Which braces are the fastest?”

No matter which braces are used, speed is always limited by your body’s ability to allow the teeth to move through the bone and gums. Fine Orthodontics works with a gum specialist to offer a procedure known as “Wilckodontics”, which activates underlying bone – allowing the teeth to move at 3-4 x conventional speeds! In addition to speeding up the process, the procedure also enhances both hard and soft tissue support.

As an Advanced Orthodontic practice Fine Orthodontics also offers digital remote monitoring.  This is especially useful for aligners like Invisalign.  Scan your teeth at home and your digital monitoring app will let you know if your teeth are ready for the next aligner!

Advanced orthodontics means freedom from commitment to regular in-office appointments.  You’ll have less interruption to work or travel plans. 

Will technology replace my Orthodontist?

We think not.  The orthodontist remains the director and project manager behind the process.  A specialist orthodontist will listen to your concerns and desires and use his or her expert knowledge of function and aesthetics to plan the best treatment for you.  The technology is beneficial – but only insofar as it ensures the most pure output of the orthodontist’s intended vision.

We never allow the computers to dictate the treatment goals.  The tools are only that – in the same way that an artist will use tools to express a vision.  We can never forget that Orthodontics is both a science and an art. Only a human eye can truly harmonise all the intricacies that go into creating beautiful, balanced results that suit your lips and face.

Plus, we don’t think technology could ever replace the human touch that comes with a friendly, wise, real life Orthodontist!