The field of dentistry that corrects misaligned jaws and corrects teeth is called orthodontics. Advanced orthodontics focuses on more comfortable, often faster, treatments and the latest technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these branches of dentistry.

Three Things You Should Know About Advanced Orthodontics

These days, we always seem to be upgrading something. We upgrade our devices for the latest technology, so why not enhance our orthodontic treatments, too? That’s what advanced orthodontics is all about. In fact, here are 3 things you should know about this branch of dental treatment.

1.      The treatment options

Firstly, orthodontics no longer revolves around one-size-fits-all metal braces. The options have advanced significantly and now you can enjoy more customised, effective, and less noticeable options.

Today’s braces are made of new materials. For example, ceramic braces are designed to be clear; or to match the shade of your teeth for a less conspicuous look.

Secondly, braces are no longer your only option in your quest for a straighter, healthier smile. Aligners including Invisalign, (for example)   use clear aligner trays to help straighten teeth in a way that doesn’t affect your eating or oral hygiene routine.

2.      Flexible payment plans

The sheer cost of traditional braces might have put you off treatment. However, budget concerns don’t have to get in the way of a beautiful smile. This is all thanks to the many advances in technology, the array of orthodontic treatments and the flexible payment plans available.

3.      The whole package

Advanced orthodontics is about your entire treatment plan. During your first consultation, you’ll learn about your treatment options and costs. You can also see exactly how your treatment will progress. You can even see what the finished results will be, all thanks to advanced technologies.

Advanced Technologies

The team at Fine Orthodontics are proud to offer some of the most cutting-edge technology in the orthodontic field. We understand that no two smiles are ever going to be the same. That’s exactly why we use these technologies to provide personalised treatment plans.

For instance, we can offer precise scanning, which ensures effective results within your unique treatment plan. Now, you don’t have to endure messy impressions and metal braces with brackets and wires. Instead, we can take better images of your teeth, all thanks to advanced scanning technology.

In advanced orthodontics, we also use 3D Imaging to get high-resolution images of your teeth and jaw. It’s a quick process that gives us, and you, a more precise orthodontic treatment.

We also 3D images and related software to determine the most accurate and time-efficient course of treatment for your smile. This plan can then direct a robotic arm to pre-bend braces wires for a truly accurate advanced orthodontics treatment.

What About Orthodontics?

As you can see, advanced orthodontics involves state-of-the-art technology and treatments to achieve the healthiest smile in the shortest amount of time.

But why exactly do people visit an orthodontist? In short, it’s to get their teeth straightened. However, there are more important elements to your bite and how it will fit together at the end of your treatment.

For instance, if you have an underbite or overbite, or overcrowded teeth, this can lead to gingivitis, cavities and damage to teeth. When teeth aren’t in the right place, they’re also harder to clean. People with significantly bad bites can even have problems with chewing and talking.

It used to be that you could only achieve a straighter and healthier smile with metal braces. Traditional metal braces first hit the market in the mid-1920s, with less obvious, clear sets coming out in the 1970s. While these braces may be like a rite of passage for teenagers, they can put self-conscious and public-facing adults off the idea of orthodontic treatment.

As advanced orthodontics progressed, Invisalign was introduced in in 1990s and today there are plenty of options for straightening teeth that are discrete.

What Advanced Orthodontics Can Do for You

We cannot stress the importance of orthodontic care enough. While this field of dentistry certainly addresses cosmetic issues, there is a wide range of issues that orthodontists treat that are vital for proper oral health. Also, misaligned teeth and jaws can put stress on your chewing muscles which can result in shoulder, neck and back pain, TMJ syndrome and headaches.

Whether your child or teenager needs orthodontic treatment or, as an adult, you’re ready for a healthy mouth of straight teeth, technologies like digitally customised clear aligners (e.g. Invisalign) and accelerated orthodontics mean there are lots of options for a wide range of issues.

Time to Fix Your Smile

For hundreds of years, society has valued healthy and straight teeth. As a result, a long line of medical experts have developed more stylish, effective and safer techniques in terms of advanced orthodontics. Trusted specialists spend years studying, developing and mastering today’s modern tools and techniques.

Unlike the early days of orthodontics, modern professionals now have a host of means to help with your dental issues. From lingual and self-litigating braces to clear aligners and 3D imaging, we can now tailor every treatment option to each patient.

That means that advanced orthodontics gives you different treatment options and more affordable prices along with faster treatment times in certain cases.

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