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Choose Expert Orthodontic Care for Your Smile

Have you been wanting to straighten your teeth, but the thought of metal braces has been putting you off? 

Are you unhappy with your alignment or your bite, but you don't want to compromise feeling confident, and being able to smile without people staring at your braces, or even pointing them out? 

Invisalign may be a great fit for you!  At Fine Orthodontics, we offer a range of orthodontic treatment solutions to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

Is Invisalign® Treatment an Option for me?

Invisalign aligners have become a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. 

Sydney Orthodontist Dr Martin Fine has been creating beautiful smiles using Invisalign aligners since 2000.  He has seen great improvements in the technology since this time, and for the vast majority of cases, Invisalign treatment can offer a great alternative to traditional metal braces. 

Depending on your particular orthodontic problems and treatment goals, it is likely that Invisalign aligners will be an option for you. The best way to find out is to come along and see us for a free* initial orthodontic assessment!

What Can Invisalign Treatment Achieve?

At Fine Orthodontics, your treating orthodontist Dr Martin Fine will work with you to devise a suitable treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome.


You can expect Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, and with careful management from your knowledgable specialist, you can look forward to achieving a smile that best enhances your overall appearance, as well as improving your overall oral health and well-being. 

How Do Invisalign Aligners Work?

Invisalign aligners are custom-made, removable aligners made of clear plastic material that fit snugly over your teeth, making them virtually invisible. 


Digitally Customised Clear Aligners 

Invisalign clear aligners may seem simple on the surface, lacking the intricacy and mechanical-looking parts usually associated with braces, however they are an incredibly advanced, precise orthodontic treatment modality.


The treatment works by combining orthodontic knowledge with digital technology, which allows for the production of a series of clear aligners, designed to meet your orthodontic needs.

Each of your Invisalign aligners will be slightly different to the one before it, gradually moving your teeth over time. So, each new aligner feels snug or tight due to gentle pressure in areas where your teeth need to move, gradually achieving the required orthodontic correction. You'll usually wear each Invisalign aligner for around one to two weeks, for around 22 hours a day. 

Invisalign Attachments

In most cases, you'll also have a number of small buttons glued to some of your teeth to help your Invisalign aligners deliver more precise movements. These buttons (or Invisalign 'attachments', as they are known) are almost always clear, and are much less noticeable than traditional metal braces or wires.

Envision Your New Smile In Person

You'll have the opportunity to view samples of Invisalign clear aligners and attachments, along with other types of orthodontic appliances, when you come along to meet us at our Maroubra orthodontic clinic.

Invisalign Maroubra - What to Look for in a Provider 

While Invisalign orthodontic treatment is offered at many different locations, the quality of your outcome can vary significantly depending on the Invisalign provider managing your treatment.


Your Invisalign aligners will be designed and produced based on a course of treatment that has been pre-planned by your Invisalign provider using computer software. Following this pre-planning phase, your series of Invisalign aligners will be custom-made accordingly, in order to meet your individual needs. 

With the right provider, you'll also benefit from expert supervision and treatment adjustments or refinements (if needed) throughout your treatment journey.

So, choosing the right clinician to plan and manage your Invisalign clear aligner treatment is essential to ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your smile.

There are significant advantages to entrusting your Invisalign aligner orthodontic treatment to a specialist orthodontist:

Specialised Expertise Beyond General Dentistry:


Specialist orthodontists undergo an additional 2-3 years of dedicated training, going beyond the scope of general dentistry. They possess extensive experience in orthodontics and have likely encountered cases similar to yours. If you aren't sure if a provider is a specialist, you can simply ask!

Expert Attention to Both Form and Function:


Orthodontics is not just about creating an aesthetically pleasing smile; it also focuses on ensuring that your smile is functionally sound. Specialist orthodontists have the relevant knowledge to optimise all variables to enhance your smile and bite, and ensure that you achieve a healthy, long-lasting result.

Exceptional Invisalign Clear Aligner Treatment at Fine Orthodontics

At Fine Orthodontics you can be assured that your treatment will be in the hands of Dr Martin Fine, a specialist orthodontist with over 30 years experience. 

Fine Orthodontics is dedicated to tailoring treatments to suit each individual's unique needs, focusing on every aspect of your smile to achieve the best possible outcome with precision and finesse.

We're also committed to ensuring that your treatment experience is as enjoyable and convenient as possible. Patients with busy lifestyles love our Remote Monitoring phone app, which allows regular appointments to be less frequent, as we're able to stay in touch regarding your progress via the app.

At Fine Orthodontics, your journey to straight teeth can be completed in fewer appointments that ever before! 

We'll Match you to Treatment Options that Best Suit Your Needs and Lifestyle

In addition to Invisalign, at Fine Orthodontics we offer a range of alternative and adjunctive treatments that may also suit you needs.

We pride ourselves on not being limited to a particular clear aligner system, but utilising the system and type that will work best in your specific case. You can learn more about our clear aligner options here.

Your Free Invisalign Assessment *

A clear path to dazzling smile starts with a free* assessment at Fine Orthodontics. During your visit, we'll discuss your concerns, evaluate your teeth and bite, and consider suitable treatment options.


In most cases, we can provide you with a treatment plan at your first appointment, and provide advice regarding payment options.


For further information or to book your free assessment today, reach out to our friendly receptionist team today, or schedule an appointment online.


Invisalign Before and After Photos







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  • How is Clear Aligner Treatment Different at Fine Orthodontics?
    Imagine orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth discreetly, without anyone knowing. Yes, continued innovation in clear aligners has made aligner treatments far more capable. Many are surprised at what can be done with aligners when compared with conventional braces. Not only has Dr Fine been working closely with Invisalign® since 2000, he has also kept a close watch on new developments and has now developed his own system of manufactured Aligners: FineLine. So you can be assured that the latest innovations will be applied to your or your child's treatment at Fine Orthodontics. (Yes, we offer Invisalign® and other types of Clear Aligners for children as well). Dr Fine's own aligner system FineLine is a great option in many cases, and is available exclusively at Fine Orthodontics. FineLine uses the best available materials and the latest technologies and techniques in Clear Aligner design and manufacture. FineLine offers substantial value, as we are often able to offer it at a lower cost than using external aligner manufacturers like Invisalign®. When choosing where to have your treatment, it is important to remember that the success of your treatment will depend on the experience and ability of the clinician who plans and manages your treatment. This is why it's crucial to choose the right orthodontist to ensure the best outcome for your smile. The orthodontist's knowledge, skills, and dedication are essential factors in determining the success of your treatment. Whilst general dental clinics may offer orthodontic services (including clear aligner treatment like Invisalign®) only qualified specialist orthodontists have the necessary skills and education to ensure that you get the very best result possible. Orthodontists have an additional qualification on top of general dentistry, with 2-3 years extra specialist training. In addition, experienced specialist orthodontists have spent countless hours planning and carrying out orthodontics exclusively. With over 30 years of specialist experience, Dr. Fine is highly-skilled and knowledgeable, and is an expert at using clear aligners to create beautiful, healthy smiles.
  • Why do people usually choose aligners over braces?
    People usually choose aligners over braces because: they are less noticeable than metal or even clear braces clear aligners are removable, so brushing and flossing is easier they are more comfortable than clear, metal or lingual ('behind the teeth') braces there are fewer dietary restrictions aligners require less maintenance and fewer office visits many office visits can be replaced by remote monitoring they can be removed for special occasions Clear aligners are only as good as the dental professional managing the process. A highly trained orthodontist can use the Invisalign® clear aligner system to its full potential. Orthodontic specialists also utilise advanced aligner accessories and tooth attachments. These accessories allow for more complex treatments previously only possible with braces. While there are many different aligner systems, clear aligners aren’t a fix-all just on their own. You need the skillset of an experienced orthodontist to get your bite and smile correctly aligned. Dr Martin Fine has treated well over 1000 Invisalign® cases, so you can be certain your care is from an experienced clinician. At Fine Orthodontics, our Invisalign® capabilities are enhanced by our state-of-the-art technology. From start to finish, our process is fully digital. 3D Intraoral scanners, smile simulation software, 3D digital x-rays and much more. Our precise digital laboratory allows us to offer our own range of clear aligners offering great treatment benefits. Our FineLine clear aligners use the best available materials and latest technologies and techniques. As we manage the entire process without needing to outsource aligner manufacturing, we can also offer considerable savings. Fine Orthodontics has this all on-site for better and more efficient treatment outcomes for you. At Fine Orthodontics we have a range of affordable payment plans to suit you. Why not Book a Free* Orthodontic Consultation Onsite at our Maroubra or Bondi Junction office? Our friendly team will be able to tell you more about how aligners could work for you. Dr Martin Fine will recommend a plan that’s most suited to your needs. Not sure whether to choose braces or aligners like Invisalign®? Visit our Clear Aligners vs Braces blog post.

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