How Long Does it Take to Notice a Difference with Invisalign

If you decide to invest in clear aligners like Invisalign for your smile transformation, you will likely be eager to start seeing your results. Most patients will be able to see noticeable changes in their smile as quickly as six weeks into their treatment. However, exactly how quickly you see your smile begin to change will depend on the natural state of your smile and the complexity of your case. Some patients will be able to notice a difference with Invisalign quickly, even in as little as 2 weeks. Though others with different issues will take more time. No matter how long it takes to see the changes, know that your trays are working to move your teeth into the desired position. The aligners are constantly working to achieve the beautiful, straight smile you have been waiting for.

Take a Photo Every Two Weeks

Throughout your treatment, you will be given new aligner trays every two weeks. These trays will ensure that your teeth are continually moving into their new position. Therefore, with each new Invisalign set, your smile will become straighter than it was previously . If you aren’t able to see the transformation in the mirror, try taking photos of your smile before each new set of aligners. When you set these photos side-by-side you should be able to see the changes much more easily.

Remote monitoring

Another excellent way to monitor progress and stay motivated is remote monitoring systems.  Remote monitoring uses computer analysis to assess the fit of your aligners – and determine whether or not your teeth are moving.  It can even accelerate your treatment. The app can advise you when it is time to move to the next aligner.  This means you can progress through your aligners at your own unique pace. This can even be faster than anticipated – especially if you are committed to wearing your aligners well.

Some Patients Take Longer to Notice a Difference with Invisalign

If you’re not seeing results no matter how you look at it, don’t worry. Some smiles take more time to show the changes than others. Therefore, taking longer than six weeks for the differences to become noticeable can be completely normal. Some differences are also very discreet in the beginning of Invisalign treatment. Generally this is to address any minor concerns that need to be corrected, before moving on to more complex ones. Be assured that if you are wearing it well and progressing through aligners, Invisalign is working. When the more significant changes start to take place, you will be able to see your smile transform before your eyes. If you are concerned, you should always talk to your orthodontist to get their professional opinion.

The invisalign treatment will take approximately 12 months (for an average case), but you should start noticing a difference to your smile in as little as 6 weeks.

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