How much does Invisalign cost young adult in Sydney?

Invisalign Cost, Sydney

When it comes to Invisalign treatment, a common question our patients ask is how much the Invisalign treatment is. Whilst we can’t say for sure what other Sydney practices charge for Invisalign treatment, we’ve had feedback from patients who have experience with other practices. Specialist orthodontists in Sydney seem to charge about the same for a full case of Invisalign in Sydney. This is because most practices have similar overheads and competition to take into consideration. However, these are just two aspects as to what contributes to setting the general Invisalign cost in Sydney.

At Fine Orthodontics we know it’s important to offer you options and alternatives. That’s why we don’t want price to be a barrier to starting treatment or improving your smile. We have several ways to help you with managing the cost of Invisalign, including clear aligner alternatives. This ensures that we can change as many smiles in Sydney as possible.

Welcome to Fine Orthodontics

We help you manage the cost of your Invisalign treatment with affordable payment plans.  Whilst we can’t give you a quote without seeing you first, we can devise an easy payment plan. Where needed, we strive to offer extended payment terms tailored to fit your own Invisalign cost and budget.

If your problem is minor, in-house custom aligners may be an alternative. Fine Orthodontics has a world-class digital laboratory, including sophisticated 3D printing facilities on-site which means we can get your treatment up and running immediately!

Flexible, Affordable Invisalign Payment Options

We understand that not everyone has savings ready to contribute toward an Invisalign cost. That’s why we like to stand out from the crowd by making sure that we are flexible. The team at Fine Orthodontics are committed finding a solution that works with your budget. In some cases we can even extend the payments beyond the time of the treatment. So, you can have your beautiful smile now and finish making repayments later.

Flexibility is key – our aim is to arrange a payment plan that will suit your needs and budget

Invisalign Alternatives

At Fine Orthodontics, we stay up to date with the most modern technology. We’re proud to boast an on-site lab complete with 3D printing. This means that if patients present with a minor concern, or want to mitigate the Invisalign cost in Sydney, we can often provide an alternative solution.

Utilising our onsite lab, we can offer a treatment similar to Invisalign, whereby the aligners are created in Sydney. Our on-site equipment allows us to create aligners that look and feel almost identical to Invisalign at a lower cost. Our system also allows patients to choose a treatment plan ‘per aligner’ and (in consultation with the orthodontist) stop when they’re satisfied.

Invisalign is not the only clear solution – our onsite lab offers alternatives for minor corrections.

Choose Value with Invisalign

Fine Orthodontics offers value and quality to all our patients. It’s important to realise that Invisalign results vary depending on the provider you choose: whilst the product may be the same, it is your Invisalign provider who will plan and oversee treatment.

Fine Orthodontics is overseen by specialist orthodontist, Dr Martin Fine. Dr Fine has over 25 years of specialist experience developing treatment plans and overseeing results. He is an expert in his field, with many years of Invisalign experience leading him to become a Diamond level provider. We use the latest technologies to enhance both precision and comfort. Our technologies include 3D scanning of our patient’s smiles and teeth, while our  iPhone app allows patients to scan their teeth at home for improved monitoring. These accompanying technologies and more help to ensure our patients will experience faster, easier treatment.

Book a free Invisalign assessment here in Sydney with Fine Orthodontics. This is when we will be able to assess your smile and advise on Invisalign cost and treatment time. Certainly, if an alternative treatment is available or perhaps more suitable, we will discuss this also.

Our friendly Treatment Coordinators are ready to meet you at one of our 2 convenient Sydney locations; Bondi Junction and Maroubra.