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Fast Treatment options

Achieving a terrific smile doesn’t have to take forever. At Fine Orthodontics, we offer a fast treatment option where we can straighten your teeth in a shorter time. It’s known as Wilckodontics and has been used to great success for patients around the world. Tooth movement is accelerated with an adjunctive surgical procedure so treatment time is shorter.


What is Wilckodontics?

Wilckodontics™ is a procedure which speeds up the movement of your teeth. This means you don’t have to wear your appliance for as long to achieve the smile you’re after.

Also known as Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™ (PAOO), it focuses on accelerating the tooth-moving changes in the bone around your teeth with the aid of a small surgical procedure carried out by a Periodontist (gum specialist). Braces or aligners guide your teeth more rapidly into position, so you wear them for a shorter time. Once they’ve reached their desired place, the bone around your teeth then rebuilds itself to ensure stability of your newly positioned teeth.

We also are able to provide you with other non-surgical options of shortening your braces treatment times so you can start with braces and finish with aligners, or simply use aligners like Invisalign alone.

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Benefits of Wilckodontics

Our team are always looking for new and advanced ways to make treatment more enjoyable and successful for our patients, and Wilckodontics has certainly ticked these boxes. We’ve found the benefits this procedure brings include:

  • Great results in a shorter time
  • Improved periodontal tissue support
  • Suitable to treat a range of major and minor cases


Suitability of Wilckodontics

Wilckodontics can be used to treat a range of major and minor orthodontic problems among our clients.

These problems include common issues, such as severely crowded arches, adult teeth that have failed to come through the gums, overbites and 'bucked teeth'.

This fast treatment option is ideally suited for teens who don’t want to spend all their high school years wearing braces, and adults, who may not want to wear an orthodontic appliance for any length of time while working professionally!

To find out more about our fast treatment options, book an assessment with the friendly team at Fine Orthodontics today.