Patients need to visit both their Orthodontist and Dentist regularly during Invisalign Treatment

Your orthodontist is a professional when it comes to giving you a great smile.  Should you be undergoing clear aligner treatment (like Invisalign) you’ll be seeing them more frequently than your general dentist, typically once every six to ten weeks. Numerous orthodontic patients think they don’t need to schedule general dental visits during aligner treatment, however this is a misconception.

Your orthodontic visit frequency will vary and may be individual depending on your progress and individual requirements.  If you would prefer to minimise visits, this may be possible if you take advantage of remote monitoring.

Once you’ve discussed the advantages of aligners (e.g. Invisalign) with your orthodontist, you’ll begin the treatment process. To ensure your invisible braces are correcting your smile properly, you’ll have to make routine visits to check on your progress.

Orthodontist Visits During Aligner Treatment

Depending on the nature of the aligner treatment and the severity of your case, your orthodontist might have particular recommendations regarding how often you should visit. Usually, adult patients will need to visit at least once every six weeks. During these visits, your orthodontist will ensure the aligners are functioning properly. It might also be necessary to give you new aligners that fit differently during the treatment course. The routine checkups are usually brief appointments to answer questions, monitor your progress, and adjust any details as required.

Ensure you take the time to use your remote monitoring app as well as physically visit the office (when required) in order to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome. In fact, patients undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment need to be closely supervised by a specialist orthodontist whilst treatment is progressing as planned.

The same can be said for dentist check-ups. Regular cleaning by your dentist can help ensure the removal of any tartar build up and check on general dental health. Even if you’re undergoing treatment like Invisalign, dental cleanings and checkups are just as important. In fact, regular dentist appointments are possibly more important during a patient’s clear aligner treatment. If the required brushing of teeth and cleaning of the aligner trays after every meal is not done well, there is likely to be increased plaque which is not good for overall oral health.

Dentist Visits During Aligner Treatment

Regular dental visits help to keep you on track to protect your teeth against decalcification or calcium loss. Bear in mind that decalcification can be irreversible and can lead to cavities if left untreated. Nevertheless, it’s preventable if patients cut back on sugary foods and drinks, maintain good dental hygiene, and visit their dentist regularly.

You want your teeth to look their best once you complete treatment. Ensure you visit both your orthodontist and your dentist during your orthodontic treatment.