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Treatment journey

The length of your treatment journey will depend on the complexity of your case. However, whether you're with us for just a matter of weeks or for a more extended treatment, you can be certain you'll receive personal, friendly service. 

Your first appointment

No matter what treatment you need, this is your opportunity to explain your concerns and wishes for your new smile. 

You'll be greeted by our Treatment Coordinator, who will take you to a quiet area to take photographs of your teeth and smile. This is followed by more detailed images (and possibly also a 3D scan) of your teeth using SureSmile treatment planning software. You will be able to view the photos with us, in order to explain what it is you would like to change.

Your Treatment Coordinator will be able to give you an overview of different treatment options that may suit you. 

Treatment journey

The next stage is an examination and assessment by our specialist orthodontist, Dr. Martin Fine. He'll meet with you and your Treatment Coordinator in order to determine your ideal treatment plan. 

You will be provided with a fee letter, outlining the cost of your treatment. 

Treatment journey

The Treatment Coordinator will explain the treatment process and address any questions you may have following your consultation. 

Should you choose to go ahead, we can usually get started straight away. 

Treatment journey

Guiding you through your treatment

We'll arrange a series of follow-up appointments to enable your treatment to get started at soon as possible. The number and frequency of these will depend on the type of treatment you're undergoing, and how quickly you are likely to see results. 

You will also receive care instructions for your orthodontic appliances, which we get custom made from the details we have taken using SureSmile orthodontic treatment planning software. This will make sure you can keep them in the best possible condition so they can help achieve the results you want to see.

Remote dental monitoring

Remote monitoring

You don’t always need to come in and see us to progress to the next stage of treatment. Our remote monitoring system enables you to send us images of your teeth so we can see how your treatment is progressing. What’s more you can do it all from your phone!

Remote monitoring is a user-friendly app on your phone which enables you to scan your teeth at home. You then send us the images (via the app) so we can see if it’s time to move to your next aligner or to have your braces adjusted.

Especially if you choose Invisalign (because aligners can be changed at home), Remote Monitoring can mean fewer visits to the clinic. This is a great convenience for busy families or our adult patients who work full time.

It also enables treatment to be accelerated so you’ll get the result you’re after, faster.